Bokashi makes kitchen composting easy

urban-composter The family behind the Urban Composter recognised the need for an easy to use indoor compost bin. They required an alternative to an unsightly plastic bin on the kitchen bench and didn't want to put their kitchen scraps through a disposal unit and into the drain. Lynette and son Luke were immediately attracted to the Bokashi system which ferments the scraps instead of the standard oxygen composting system. The only issue that Lynette found with Bokashi was the sawdust grain used to ferment the scraps. She found the sawdust spilled easily and attracted mice when not stored properly. So Lynette created a liquid alternative that used the same principles of Bokashi sawdust grain - compost accelerator spray. Lynette believes with the spray being so compact it is ideal for indoor use and for people who live in apartments but still want to be able to compost. Along with the accelerator spray Lynette created a stylish Australian bench top compost bin - the Urban Composter. With each bucket coming in a variety of different coloured lids their is a choice to suit any decor. The fermentation process means that scraps you put in the bucket don't give off any foul odour, another reason to keep it handy in the kitchen, a gentle reminder to dispose of your kitchen waste naturally.
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