Stylish and ethical art for the legs

With a desire to create art for the legs, Tightology was born. The range is original, stylish and comfortable, with pieces that would compliment a an ever changing wardrobe. Each is proudly made in Australia and designed with the environment. By using organic cotton, bamboo and merino wool, the Tightology range ensures that each item of leg wear has the lowest possible impact on the environment. The packaging is made out of 100% recycled paper using inks that are environmentally friendly. Each season new designs, styles, and colours are created for the stylish, the sophisticated, and the avant garde. Each garment is inspired from nature creating a unique link between the function and origins of the item. Tightology was launched in 2009 by Melbourne designer Vera Havari. Tightology is a label with a very unique style and was built on the foundation of being original, ethical, and Australian made.
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