Our Guide to Local & Fair Trade Organic Herbal Teas & Their Benefits

Our Guide to Herbal Teas There is nothing nicer on a cold winter's day than a soothing cup of organic herbal tea. Besides being a warming pick me up, organic herbal teas have lots of health benefits. From easing digestive troubles, calming the mind, soothing the throat, and waking you up, organic herbal teas have all sorts of wonderful powers.

Herbal Teas to Wake & Invigorate

Perfect first thing in the morning or to get you over that 3pm slump, our herbal teas designed to wake and invigorate will give you a little pep! Cinnamon is a common ingredient in these teas, and is known to increase awareness and vitality while reducing fatigue. The other star ingredient is rooibos, a fair trade ingredient from South Africa. Rooibos is is hydrating and rich in antioxidants. It is caffeine free, and its sweet, delicious, bold flavour makes it lovely to wake up with, and an ideal replacement for black teas or coffee. Some of our teas to wake and invigorate also contain a small amount of organic green tea, which is an antioxidant powerhouse. But that also means they are not caffeine free. Pukka Tea - Revitalise Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, elderflower, ginger, green tea Pukka Tea - Rooibos & Honey Honeybush, licorice, rooibos Pukka Tea - Star Anise & Cinnamon Cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, green tea, licorice, star anise Pukka Tea - Vanilla Chai Cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, ginger, licorice, vanilla

Herbal Teas to Aid Digestion

Teas that contain fennel, cardamom, licorice and ginger are wonderful teas to drink after a meal to aid with digestion. These ingredients are known to help ease bloating and flatulence, acid reflux and indigestion. Lemongrass on the other hand, which is used by Australia's oldest tea producer, Kin Kin Tea, helps in stimulating bowel function, and improves digestion. Kin Kin Tea - Lemongrass Lemongrass Yogi Tea - Stomach Ease Cardamom, fennel, coriander, barley malt, licorice, peppermint, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cloves Pukka Tea - After Dinner Aniseed, cardamom, chicory, fennel, ginger, licorice

Teas for Immunity

There is nothing better than a warm cup of organic tea to help soothe the symptoms of a cold or flu, or to just keep them at bay, and we have have the perfect blend for everyone. To ease sinus congestion, try Breathe Deep, and for sore throats and coughs, try Throat Comfort or Pukka's Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey. Peppermint tea has been long been used to fight gastrointestinal and digestive complaints, and our locally produced organic peppermint tea by Kin Kin Tea is exceptional. Turmeric is another powerful ingredient, said to be extremely beneficial for the immune system, as well as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral. Our Throat Comfort, Lemon Ginger and Manuka Honey and Turmeric Gold teas all contain this super food. Kin Kin Tea - Peppermint Peppermint leaves Yogi Tea - Throat Comfort Licorice, fennel, cinnamon, orange peel, ginger, thyme, mullein, orange oil, lemon oil, cardamom, black pepper, cloves, turmeric Yogi Tea - Breath Deep Eucalyptus, licorice, ginger, basil, cardamom, cinnamon, mullein, alfalfa, fennel, thyme, elecampane, vanilla extract, cloves, black pepper, vanilla beans Pukka Tea - Elderberry & Echinacea Aniseed, beetroot, echinacea, elderberry, elderflower, ginger Pukka Tea - Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey Elderflower, fennel, ginger, lemon myrtle, manuka, turmeric Pukka Tea - Turmeric Gold Cardamom, green tea, licorice, turmeric, lemon

Teas to Help you Relax

Chamomile tea is a gentle relaxant and sleep-inducer, so it's no wonder our top relaxing teas all contain this powerful ingredient. If you find yourself wound up after a long day, brew yourself a nice cup of chamomile tea or a herbal tea that contains chamomile before bed. It will help you drift off to sleep in no time. Kin Kin Tea - Chamomile Chamomile flowers Yogi Tea - Calming Licorice, chamomile, gotu kola, hibiscus, fennel, lemongrass, cardamom, orange peel, rose hip, lavender, barley malt, natural plum flavour Pukka Tea - Relax Cardamom, chamomile, fennel, ginger, licorice, marshmallow Pukka Tea - Night Time Chamomile, lavender, limeflower, licorice, tulsi, oat straw flowering tops Shop our beautiful range of organic herbal and spice teas in-store and online here >
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