Contribute to a recipe for change 16-18 November

Since 2009, a growing nationwide movement of women and girls known as 1 Million Women have been focused toward practical action on climate change. Now one of the largest women's organisations in Australia (with 77,000 members), they've embarked on their biggest project ever called Recipe for Change. Host a get together anytime over the weekend 16 - 18 November By hosting your Girls Get Together, you'll be supporting 1 Million Women's biggest project ever. On the third weekend of November, 1 Million Women is getting the girls together all over the country to write a 'recipe book' with a difference. It's a RECIPE FOR CHANGE. An online handbook on how to live better for ourselves and the planet. It's all about having fun together - over a cuppa, a meal or a drink - while sharing your ideas, question and solutions for saving energy, cutting waste and pollution, and saving money at the same time. The results will be made into a free online handbook of information and inspiration to share around the world (to be launched on International Women's Day next March). Biome is sponsoring this event with a $1000 donation and those who register to host a party will also receive a 20% discount voucher to spend at Biome - among other great prizes and discounts you will see on the website. What you can do: 1. Join 1 Million Women via the link here to begin your journey to cut at least 1 tonne of CO2 from your lifestyle in a year. When you join up you will be taken to an activity centre that has over 50 different ways to cut CO2 pollution. They cover household, food, transport, flights, shopping. You can then choose activities that are best for your life. 2. Register to host a get together for Recipe for Change here, to get your girlfriends over anytime over the three days November 16, 17 and 18, 2012. As an added incentive, hosts are eligible to win from some major prizes. You and your girlfriends also go in the draw for fabulous holidays and other giveaways and discounts. See the get together guide on how to share your ideas, questions, solutions (even in the form of a photo, video clip, poem or song!), as well as other ways you can participate in helping this great initiative. 3. Check out Biome's guide for our ingredients to the recipe for change on our planet. It includes information on how to cut waste and pollution (by donating your second hand bras to developing countries)...and saving energy (by installing energy efficient LED light bulbs).
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