The Top Sustainable Solutions for 2023

In the past year, the Biome community made thousands of choices that helped protect all who call our beautiful planet home.

So, what were the top 10 solutions our community loved the most? In no particular order, here they are! 

1. Biome Natural Deodorant Cream


"Finally found a natural deodorant that doesn't irritate and actually works!" - Gita

Biome's very own aluminium free, bi-carb free, alcohol free natural deodorant features a super clean blend of natural ingredients to absorb moisture, inhibit odour causing bacteria, and mask smells. 

It is also not greasy, transforming from a cream to silky powder feel, that won't leave oil marks on your clothes.

2. Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaning

Toilet bowl cleaning

Avoid plastic and nasty chlorine cleaners with these septic safe alternatives.

Toilet bombs or powders made from bi-carb and citric acid are gentle and effective. Allow to fizz and then use a plastic free toilet brush to scrub the bowl clean, and a naturally anti-bacterial white vinegar and essential oil spray.

3. Natural Mozzie Repellent 

Mozzie repellent

Keep mozzies and other insects away without insecticides, DEET and other toxic chemicals. Our sustainable and natural mozzie repellents are made from essential oils that mozzies and other biting insects dislike. They are also palm oil free and cruelty free.

4. Tasman Sea Salt Flakes

Tasman Sea Salt

"A good addition to our healthy choices regime. Great it is an Aussie product and company" - Cheryl

Celtic sea salt has taken off in popularity due to some health trends on social media, but Tasman Sea Salt is actually better! Here's why:

  • harvested from much cleaner, pristine waters off Tasmania
  • lower in sodium than Celtic sea salt
  • contains the same beneficial sea minerals and nutrients
  • more flavourful
  • naturally pure white flakes, not grey
  • evaporated with clean energy
  • a better choice for the environment

READ MORE: A Better Salt Than Celtic Sea Salt - And It's From Our Shores!

5. Kin Kin Naturals Dishwasher Powder

Kin Kin Naturals

"We swear by this product. It has been very good in our high end appliance and for getting dishes clean. Very economical too." - Jennifer

Kin Kin Naturals eco dishwasher powder leaves your dishes sparkling clean without the nasty residue. Being ultra concentrated this natural dishwashing powder will save you money in the long term as the cost per use is much less than dishwashing powder and tablets found in major supermarkets. 

Made by a small family business in Queensland.  Use in place of dishwashing tablets. 

6. Stainless Steel Wire Pegs


These stainless steel pegs are last-for-life alternatives that will withstand the strongest of winds.

@kimberlyxduncan captured this incredible footage during the recent wild storms on the Gold Coast. Thankfully, Kim is as safe as her washing.


We've stocked these wire pegs for many years because they are a brilliant resource-saving alternative to plastic pegs that break all the time. The original Wire Pegs are top quality and robust, with three grades f stainless steel to choose from. There is a 'windy' version that is slightly thicker wire so it grips more firmly.

7. Rosemary Essential Oil & Organic Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Make your own Rosemary Hair Oil that will promote healthier scalp and hair growth, naturally. 

LEARN HOW: How to Make Rosemary Oil For Luscious Hair

Rosemary works to increase blood circulation in the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth and reduced hair loss, while castor oil is fantastic for improving and maintaining hair health. Dilute with jojoba oil or another light carrier oil for best results.

8. Veggie Saver Bag

Veggie Saver

"Does a fantastic job of keeping my carrots, cucumbers and herbs fresh for a couple of weeks. Saved my money back pretty quickly." - Sean

This veggie-saving cotton pouch is a patented fresh food storage bag that keeps produce crisp and fresh for weeks (not days), helping you reduce waste, plastic pollution, and the number of trips you take to the store. Machine washable, long lasting and plastic free. 

9. Wilson Payne Socks

Wilson Payne Socks

"I love them! So cute and the fact that they are Austalian made is the cherry on top." - Natalie

Wilson Payne socks are practical yet whimsical, and bring a smile to start your day. Capturing Australia's unique native wildlife like the Kookaburra, Echidna and Blue Budgie, these fun, Australian made socks make a wonderful gift for everyone.  

10. Reusables That Save You Money

Fressko Reusable Coffee Cup

Money saving tip: Find a cafe that gives you a discount for bringing your own reusable cup! Can't find one? Make your coffee at home!

Our range of reusable cups has something for everyone, from lightweight BPA free plastic reusable cups, to insulated coffee mugs that will keep your drink hot for hours. Together we can eliminate the single-use cup!


Counting Down The Top 10 Sustainable Solutions of 2022


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