New Arrivals at Biome

Each week we get lots of exciting new arrivals at Biome, which we love to share with you. This week, we are so excited to have two charcoal products to show you, as well as a new range of Nature's Child Certified Organic baby products.

Olieve & Olie Charcoal Unpackaged Soap Bar

New arrivals at Biome - Olieve charcoal unpackaged soap bar

The handmade Olieve & Olie charcoal and bergamot soap bar is wonderful for all skin types. This soap has been made in Australia, and is 100% natural, containing no petrochemicals, synthetic substances, artificial fragrances or colours. It is also palm oil free and comes without packaging, so no waste is produced. The main ingredient is extra virgin olive oil, which is produced onsite, which minimises the company's carbon footprint. Olive oil is also fantastic for beautifully moisturised skin. Values this supports: made in Australia, palm oil free, petrochemical free, zero waste Shop Olieve & Olie charcoal unpackaged soap bar here >

Redecker Copper Fibre Bath Mitt

New arrivals at Biome - Redecker copper fibre bath mitt

This Redecker copper fibre bath mitt has been handmade in Italy from sustainable, natural and ethically sourced materials. It can be used either wet or dry to stimulate the vascular circulatory system. These gloves have been made from 60% nettle, 20% cotton and 20% copper fibre, and are wonderfully beneficial for the skin and body. Values this supports: ethically sourced, plastic free Shop the Redecker copper fibre bath mitt here >

Redecker Coconut Fibre Dish Brush

  New arrivals at Biome - Redecker coconut fibre dish brush

Redecker's coconut fibre dish brush is handmade in Germany and features a beechwood handle and firm natural bristles. Its angled head makes it easy to hold and use. It is also particularly great for pot scrubbing and cleaning all around the home. Values this supports: plastic free, zero waste, ethically sourced Shop Redecker coconut fibre dish brush here >

Happy Coal Kishu Binchotan Charcoal Water Filter

  New arrivals at Biome - Happy Coal charcoal water filter  

This Kishu Binchotan charcoal water filter absorbs heavy metals, chlorine and impurities for a 2 litre capacity of water. It is the purest charcoal on earth and effectively removes unpleasant taste and alkalises the water. It is able to be reused for up to two months, and after that it can be crushed and returned to the soil to fertilise your garden. Happy Coal Kishu Binchotan charcoal water filters are biodegradable, use 100% responsible packaging and are 100% recyclable. Values this supports: compostable, toxin free, ethically sourced, petrochemical free Shop Happy Coal Kishu Binchotan charcoal water filter here >

Nature's Child Certified Organic Baby Products

New arrivals at Biome - Nature's child bottom balm and other organic baby products

This week we have lots of new Certified Organic products from Nature's Child, including bottom balm, baby massage oil, talc free baby powder, and baby wash. Nature's Child is an Earth Friendly business, and packaging can be recycled and reused. Their products are made with 100% natural ingredients that are biodegradable and contain no synthetic fragrances or preservatives. Values this supports: made in Australia, palm oil free, petrochemical free, toxin free, Certified Organic Shop the our range of Nature's Child products here >

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