Lunch Boxes - Frequently Asked Questions

Planetbox Rover available online at Biome Eco Stores - BPA and PVC free lunch box

What are your leak proof lunch box options?

GoGreen lunch box - Completely leak proof with an easy to use lock on the outside which ensures a leak proof seal for all internal sections.

U Konserve stainless steel nesting trio - The lids on these containers are leak proof, plus they are the perfect size for young children and adults.

Planetbox - The Planetbox is designed to keep foods from touching (some crumbs may transfer), however it is not leak proof. The dippers (sold separately or which comes as part of the Planetbox complete kit) are leak proof and are ideal for wet foods.

Yumbox - While it is not designed for very watery foods, it is suitable for foods with the consistency of ranch dressing, tomato sauce, chunky salsas, hummus, yoghurt, and veggie dips.

Bentgo - A relatively new brand in our inventory, Bentgo provide a range of leak-proof and leak-resistant lunchboxes. With many different styles, there is something for children going back to school and adults going back to work. Be sure to check out their revolutionary Microwavable Stainless Steel range!

Our insulated food jars are also all leak proof and are perfect for keeping food like pasta warm or yoghurt and fresh fruit cool until lunch time.

My child's school doesn't have a fridge - what can I use to keep my child's lunch cool?

PackIt have a fantastic range of non toxic freezable lunch bags. Each bag contains an eco-gel liner so there are no ice bricks to keep track of. Just pop the bag into the freezer overnight, take it out in the morning and contents will stay cool for approximately 10 hours. There are lots of fun designs for kids of all ages, and several sizes and styles.

A BPA and PVC free insulated lunch bag, such as one from SoYoung, Fluf, Fridge to Go, Yumbox, or Planetbox will keep contents cool throughout the day. We also recommend adding a cooling ice brick for extra freshness.

Our school has banned plastic cling wrap - what do I use now?

A reusable sandwich pouch, such as those from 4MyEarth or KeepLeaf are an excellent alternative to plastic cling wrap for wrapping sandwiches. Beeswax food wraps are another versatile option, and are great for wrapping sandwiches and other snacks. You could also keep food in individual containers, or consider using a bento style lunch box - both fantastic ways to achieve a waste free lunch!

What lunch boxes are dishwasher safe?

Our stainless steel lunch boxes are all safe to put in the top rack of the dishwasher (remember to take the magnets off the Planetbox first).

Yumbox is dishwasher safe, but on the top rack only. Hand washing is recommended for the outer shell and/or removing it before the dry heat cycle. Do not heat the Yumbox over 65 C.

The GoGreen lunch box is not dishwasher safe and is best hand washed. We recommend all insulated food jars be hand washed.

What does the Yumbox fit into?

The Yumbox fits perfectly into the SoYoung insulated lunch bag. It also fits in the the PackIt freezable lunch bag, and PackIt freezable classic or everyday lunch boxes.

I've chosen a lunch box. Which bags will it fit in?

To find out this information, please look for the "Fits in" tab under each lunch box.

I've chosen a lunch bag. Which lunch boxes or containers will fit inside? 

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