Glass revival

Glass is experiencing a resurgence in popularity for food and beverage storage. About time we feel, glass is so wonderful for reusing as it stays looking great for years. The earliest known use of glass was 5,500 years ago in Mesopotamia (Ancient Egypt). A while later (around 2000 years ago) glass blowing made glass vessels less expensive than pottery and the use of glass for food storage gained momentum. Fast forward to the plastic fantastic era, where the flexibility, unbreakability and lightness of plastic made it more popular for food storage. Glass wasn't invited to plastic parties and was quickly overshadowed by this brighter, albeit tackier new friend. There is something about an old friend. The familiarity, the safety, the charm. You might have last seen your old friend glass in your grandma's kitchen and not know where to find them. You may wonder what happened to the glass products no longer widely reused (bottles used to be commercially cleaned and refilled for milk, beer and soft drink). Well, glass has had a makeover, made friends with safe plastics and we are here to reintroduce you to a new era of glass reusables. Wean Green tempered glass food containers are made 5 times stronger than normal glass. Designed for storing, freezing and serving food portions. Each lid has passed the 'use' testing machine over 3 million times. BottlesUp glass bottles (650ml) pay homage to ancient and advanced glass making techniques with unique texture and brillance created by a partly handmade, partly automated process. Made in North America using at least 75% post-consumer recycled glass. Silicone rings for a comfortable grip, silicone flip top for an easy drink. Lifefactory bottles (250ml) are made with toughened glass and come with a silicone sleeve for added protection from bumps and scrapes. Also available in 650ml adult bottle and 118ml and 250ml baby bottles.
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