Christmas Gift Guide - Gifts Ideas for Foodies and Home Cooks

Looking for fun and practical gift ideas for foodies and home cooks? Why not healthy nonstick cookware or a kit to make your own cheese, kefir, yogurt or butter? Here are some of our favourite gifts for foodies.

Neoflam Two Pan Set - Crepe & Pancake Pans


Gifts for Foodies and Home Cooks - Neoflam Pancake and Crepe Pans

Neoflam cookware has a healthy non-stick, eco-friendly ceramic coating, that is completely free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Unlike most non-stick cookware made with PTFE and other harmful toxins, Neoflam is made with Ecolon, which is not harmful to the environment or humans because it is derived from silica found in sand and rocks. The pans have a high conductivity and even heat distribution, they are very durable and scratch resistant, oven and dishwasher safe. This two pan set features and crepe and pancake pan, making it the perfect gift for a foodie or home cook. Shop the Neoflam non-stick cookware range here >

Mad Millie Traditional Butter Kit

Gifts for Foodies and Home Cooks - Make Your Own Butter, Cheese and Kefir Kits

This Mad Millie traditional butter kit allows you to make homemade, flavoured butters at home. It comes with a French style ceramic butter keeper, plus everything you need to create homemade butter, and flavored butters in your own kitchen. All you need to do is add fresh cream. We love Mad Millie make your own kits because making your own with reusable packaging saves waste and preserves resources. Shop our range of make your own butter, cheese, kefir and yoghurt kits here >

BBBYO Glass Tea Flask

Gifts for Foodies and Home Cooks - Tea Flask

This cute double walled, borosilicate glass tea flask with stainless steel filter makes a lovely gift idea for tea lovers. It even comes with a neoprene carry case to protect and insulate. Help to keep plastic and other waste out of our oceans by using reusable cups and bottles. Shop BBBYO glass tea flasks here >

Cold Press Juicer

Gifts for Foodies and Home Cooks - Cold Press Juicer

The Oscar neo DA-1000 cold press juicer is more than just a juicer, it is an all in one food processor. The machine uses a gentle single gear to cold press and extract juice. This process produces more yield and retains high amounts of healthy nutrients and living enzymes for maximum nutritional value. It can then transform into a food processor to grind, puree, mince, make pasta and more. For raw foodists this machine is an excellent all-in-one kitchen tool. Shop our juicer jar here >

Stainless Steel Ice Block Mould

Gifts for Foodies and Home Cooks - Stainless Steel Ice Block Moulds

Eliminate plastic and make your own paddle pop style ice blocks. The high quality stainless steel mould comes with a supporting frame and reusable bamboo paddle pop sticks. They are so easy to use, easy to clean, and the benefit of stainless steel is that it will last a lifetime. Get creative and make your own ice blocks using fresh ingredients with no mystery additives! Shop stainless steel ice block moulds and other stainless steel home wares here >

Vegan, Raw and Organic Chocolate

Gifts for Foodies and Home Cooks - Raw, Vegan and Organic Chocolate

Pana Chocolate is handmade from 100% natural, organic and raw ingredients with 100% pure essential oils. It also does not contain palm oil. Included in the range is fig and wild orange, pineapple and ginger, sour cherry and vanilla, coconut and goji, orange, nuts, mint, and 80%. Pana Chocolate is a decadent vegan treat packed with healthy antioxidants. Shop all vegan, raw and organic chocolate here >

Klean Kanteen 1.9L Growler

Gifts for Foodies and Home Cooks - Growler  

A beer lover's best friend! A growler is an air tight vessel that is great for transporting your home brew, green juice, water, wine, kombucha or cold brewed tea and coffee without a degradation in quality. And it can be used over and over again! Our Klean Kanteen growler in dark amber finish is a great large water bottle too.

Shop the Klean Kanteen 1.9L growler here >

Why not make your own beer and then take to a party in your refillable growler. See our beer making kits >

And see kombucha here >

Beer & Cider Brew Kits

Gifts for Foodies and Home Cooks - Home Brew Beer and Cider Kits

BrewSmith beer and cider brewing kits make it easy for anyone to get started making their own delicious craft beer at home. The kits include top quality ingredients and reusable equipment - everything you need to make one batch, just add your own reusable bottles!

Shop home brew beer, ginger beer and cider kits here >

Healthy Food Recipe Books

Gifts for Foodies and Home Cooks - Cook Books and Healthy Recipe Books

DIY Fermentation by Katherine Green includes over 100 step-by-step home fermentation recipes. Enjoy all the health benefits and delicious flavors of naturally fermented vegetables, fruits, dairy, beverages, breads, condiments, and much more with this invaluable guide to unleash your inner DIYer and master your fermentation skills. Shop all healthy food recipe books and fermentation books here >

Make Your Own Cheese Kits

Gift ideas for foodies and home cooks - artisan cheese kit

The Mad Millie artisan cheese kit has everything you need to get started making delicious fresh and aged hard cheeses at home. All you need to do is add milk! It is the ultimate gift for cheese lovers and foodies. Plus it is designed to be used in any kitchen with no experience needed! The artisan cheese kit includes reusable equipment and quality ingredients that are free from artificial flavours and preservatives. Shop our range of cheese kits here >

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