Getting an emergency kit together

It's one of those need-to-do's we often put off...but pulling together a few things for an emergency situation could be very handy.* Your council or state government will have guidelines for an emergency supply kit in your area (here's one for Brisbane City and another recommended by the Queensland Government). It's also good to remember where else you might get caught short and have supplies stashed here too. For example, a first aid kit in your car and in your hiking/camping supplies. The classic "Ten essentials" often recommended by hiking clubs was first described in the 1930's by The Mountaineers and is still as relevant today. The essentials are a map, compass, sunglasses and sunscreen, extra food, water, clothe, torch, first aid kit, fire starter and knife. Modern supplements to the list include portable water purification, ice axe, repair kits, insect repellant, signalling device (today an emergency GPS beacon like an EPIRB), tarp and rope for shelter.  

1. Solio Classic2 solar charger allows you to recharge your mobile phone, iPod and other handheld devices anywhere

2. Firesteel 2.0 Scout firelighter makes it easy to build a fire in any weather, at any altitude (gives approx. 3000 strikes), includes a built-in emergency whistle

3. Fill2Pure stainless steel water filter bottle reduces up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria, chemicals and viruses, plus fluoride and chlorine for up to 500 refills

4. Freeplay wind up & solar radio with torch is a compact FM/AM radio, flashlight and mobile phone charger (self-charge, solar and external recharge options)

5. Ultrasonic mosquito repeller to ward off pesky bugs

6. SteriPen Adventurer Opti water purifier uses UV light to destroy waterborne bacteria, viruses, and protozoa that could make you sick for 8000 water treatments.

*The information provided here is general in nature only. Please do your own research on packing an emergency kit by consulting your local council or state government guidelines carefully.

We think it's a good idea to check, maintain and/or test your emergency supplies as required to ensure they will be in working order if ever needed!

Do you have an emergency kit packed at home. What have you got in it?

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