Eco Friendly Stationery Essentials

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For back to school, work, university, and every time in between, eco friendly stationery can prepare us for the work ahead, and help the planet too. By opting for products that have a good end of life and are made from sustainable resources, your stationery will not only make your feel good, but will do good for the planet.

Eco Friendly Stationery Essentials

Earth Greetings Lined & Blank Notebooks

Earth Greetings Lined Journal

Printed in Australia, featuring Australian artists.  Choose from Lined or Blank. Very sturdy cover with spiral binding.  Made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

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Decomposition Notebooks

eco friendly stationery book

All our gorgeously-designed Decomposition notebooks are made from 100% recycled post-consumer paper. They're printed with soy ink and made using bio-gas, so their creation is completely sustainable. This also means they can be recycled or composted at the end of their life, so you're investing in a useful, sturdy, zero waste product.

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Notely Notebooks

eco friendly stationery notely

Designed and made in Australia, these beautiful notebooks are printed on FSC-certified, post consumer paper with soy-based inks. Their manufacturing process is also 100% carbon neutral, and the colourful covers boast local illustrators' work. They come in either a sewn spine or spiral design.

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Onyx & Green Recycled Newspaper Pencils

onyx & green recycled newspaper colouring pencils

Made from recycled newspaper, these pencils by Onyx & Green are beautifully unique. No two pencils share the same design. A pack containing 12 pencils of different colours, these are a great addition to a school pencil case. Rest easy in the knowledge that these pencils are non-toxic and are extending the life of paper that has already been manufactured. Pre sharpened, these pencils are ready to go straight out of the packet! Once these pencils get too short to use, you can send them back to us as part of our recycling program. For a minimal waste approach to colouring this school year, look no further than Onyx & Green colouring pencils.

Bamboo Refillable Pen

eco friendly stationery pen

If you prefer writing with pens, this black ballpoint is made from sustainable bamboo and is endlessly refillable with any standard ink cartridge. This saves plastic biros from landfill, allows your pen to be recycled at the end of its life, and offers a gorgeous pen for journal writing, note-taking, and everything in between.

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Stapleless Stapler

eco friendly stationery stapler

This little device saves metal wastage AND makes sure you don't lose any pages. The mechanism punches a small hole and tab in the paper, fixing up to three sheets together. Even if you need a normal stapler for more hefty documents, saving a steel staple here and there adds up in the long run - the Earth (and its resources) will thank you.

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Ecopaper Executive Pen & Pencil

ecopaper executive pen and pencil set

Looking for the ultimate eco-friendly writing gift? This executive pen & pencil set from Ecopaper features a ball point pen and a mechanical pencil. Both instruments have a body made from bamboo, a sustainable resource thanks to its dense and rapid growth habits. The gift box is made from recycled paper. Once these instruments reach the end of their life, you can send them back to us to be recycled through our recycling program, completing the zero-waste journey of these pens lives.

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