Our Favourite Gluten Free and Dairy Free Chocolates

Shopping for kids or adults with a gluten, dairy or soy intolerance? We know this can be challenging, particularly amongst the novelty chocolates for Easter and Christmas.

Walking up and down supermarket isles, health food shops, and trawling through Google trying to find an alternative chocolate that doesn't contain the ingredients can be challenging. But, we are here to make things easy for you! All of the delicious Easter chocolate available at Biome is not only palm oil free, it is dairy free and vegan, and most is gluten free chocolate and soy free too. 

Gluten Free Chocolate by Loco Love

Gluten free chocolate by Loco Love

Read on as we share our favourite inclusive chocolate options, such as gluten free easter eggs, and where you can find them.  And, as we love DIYs and making things ourself, we've also included a coconut oil chocolate recipe you might like to try.

Gluten Free Chocolate

Although chocolate itself does not contain gluten, it is often mixed with ingredients that do contain gluten (like biscuit bits or wafer), or manufactured on the same equipment that processes wheat. There is of course great tasting gluten free vegan chocolate out there though, and ranges that don't process gluten containing ingredients on the same equipment. 

Look out for gluten free chocolates from Loco Love, Bahen & Co., House of Nestar, Loving Earth and Bennetto.  House of Nestar also make Australian gluten free lollies.

Pana Chocolates have been a crowd favourite for many years. We think this review sums up the range perfectly:

"Good quality chocolate that is good for you. Not only do these taste amazing (despite how weird some of the combinations sound) but they also make really good gifts for people who appreciate chocolate. I am yet to find someone who does not feel the love that is wrapped into these small bars!" - Emma

Pana vegan chocolate is dairy free, gluten free, soy free, palm oil free, Certified Organic and made in Australia. Buy the Pana range of chocolates here >

Is vegan chocolate gluten free?

Yes, pure vegan chocolate is gluten free! Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and some other grains. Chocolate is made from cacao beans, which do not contain gluten. Just make sure that the chocolate does not have any fillings that may contain gluten. Vegan chocolate can be dark, semi-sweet or even white, as long as it uses plant-based ingredients. So, if you are looking for a delicious and gluten-free treat, vegan chocolate is a great choice.

Dairy Free Chocolate

All of the chocolate available at Biome is dairy free and vegan. One of our favourites for grown ups is Loco Love Australian made dairy free chocolate. They make vegan chocolate truffles with superfoods, tonic herbs and healing spices. They have flavours like peanut butter caramel, wild orange ganache, black cherry raspberry and hazelnut praline. They also have a higher being tonic powder that is a blend of cacao, adaptogens and mushrooms. Loco Love chocolate is gluten free, soy free and refined sugar free.   Look out for the Loco Love Hares in limited release just for Easter each year!

One of the favourites every year for Easter is Bonvita Organic Solid Mini Eggs with Hazelnut Praline.  For gluten free Easter chocolate, we also have the Buttermilk Honeycomb Blast Choccy Egg and Bar, a heavenly combo of airy vegan honeycomb and smooth, plant-based chocolate. The perfect snack for busy bunnies on the move. The Easter Bunny will be hopping for joy over this one!  Dairy free, free from gluten and contains no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and no palm oil.

Shop our range of allergy friendly vegan Easter eggs 

Soy Free Chocolate

so free chocolate gluten free chocolate booja booja

Most chocolate, including Easter faves like Cadbury eggs and Lindt bunnies, as well as chocolate gift boxes, chocolate bars and family blocks, contain soy in the form of soy lecithin. This ingredient is a by-product of soybean oil and keeps the cocoa butter and cocoa from separating. It is not a necessary ingredient for great tasting chocolate with a beautiful consistency though, like our award winning Booja-Booja range shows. So those with a soy intolerance absolutely do not miss out. A stand out in the range is the Booja-Booja Hazelnut Crunch. These luxurious, vegan, dark chocolate truffles feature a melt-in-your-mouth sweet-roasted Italian hazelnut filled ganache enrobed in dark chocolate. These chocolates have won 19 awards, they are that good! Shop Booja-Booja 

Palm Oil Free Chocolate

Buy palm oil free chocolate to protect orangutans

How do you know if there is palm oil in chocolate? Will it say 'palm oil' in the ingredients list or does it hide behind something else? Almost all chocolates with creamy centres have palm oil in them, even those labelled vegan or cruelty free, unfortunately. Ingredients such as vegetable oil or fats, emulsifier, or humectant/glycerol are in most cases (usually unless stated otherwise) derived from palm oil. We are very excited to see ethical companies like Loco Love produce beautiful vegan chocolates with creamy fillings that don't contain palm oil. 

Biome is proud to be a 100% palm oil free store, so you can rest assured that every chocolate and food products sold at Biome is free from palm oil. In this guide we explain how to choose palm oil free easter chocolate, including vegan gluten free Easter eggs and confectionary and the ingredients to look out for.

Which Australian chocolates are gluten free?  

What chocolate is gluten free and OK for celiacs? **

  • Loco Love
  • Pana chocolate
  • Loving Earth
  • BSKT
  • House of Nestar
  • Bennetto
  • Bahen & Co.
  • Nomu Noms

**Please always check the packaging before eating to be certain that the product is gluten free and ok for celiacs. 

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