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A big shout out to Caine Monroy for inspiring other kids to get crafty and reuse! This great little story exploded on the internet recently and it's spawned the best kind of copycat behaviour...the eco friendly kind. This creative nine year-old made his own arcade out of cardboard in his Dad's used car parts store in LA. His elaborate work was undiscovered (with little foot traffic in the area), until a filmmaker stumbled across Caine's Arcade looking for a car part! Watch this vid for the full story. Caine's story has inspired people around the world to donate over US$100,000 to an education fund for him, and to a foundation to help other entrepreneural kids On the Caine's Arcade facebook page ( there are so many kids making their own re-used cardboard creations after watching the film. All we could think about was that Caine and these kids could do with some MakeDo kits (we were thrilled to find out that the MakeDo company had already sent some Caine's way)! The kits are perfect for child-safe play (no cutting little fingers accidentally with scissors) and no need for wasting sticky tape. The components can be used over and over for new projects! Grab a MakeDo kit and show your kids the film. Let us know what amazing things they get up to! We've got TWO super-duper 165 piece Makedo kits we'd like to give to away to aspiring eco-engineers. For your chance to win: (1) Follow our Biome blog by clicking on the Follow tab that appears in the bottom right of your screen, then (2) Tell us what your recipient will most likely create with a MakeDo kit! We'll draw out two of the comments to win this prize! Competition ends at midnight on Wednesday, 25 April 2012. Australian residents only. WINNERS ANNOUNCED :: Thank you everyone for sharing your great stories about children's creativity. We put everyone's name into a hat and drew out two. Congratulations to Jan and Francine!
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