Our Guide to the Best Water Bottles for Kids of all Ages

Looking for a kids water bottle that can handle being knocked around and is free from harmful chemicals? Traditional plastic water bottles often contain toxic materials. They can release potentially harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and Dioxin. The negative health effects of these ingredients can show up over time. These chemicals are well known hormone disruptors and can eventually lead to cancer and other health issues. Small amounts can leach from the container into the water. With our minds once again turning to the start of the school year, here are our top suggestions for water bottles that won't harm kids. Please note, ages are a guide.

Age 3-6 Years

Ecococoon Zoo Friends Stainless Steel Water Bottle - 350ml


This insulated, stainless steel bottle is a popular one amongst our younger customers. With a cute animal design on a vibrant green background, it's cool bananas with this age group. The cleverly designed bottles come with many special features that tick a lot of boxes that other bottles don't. These include a special BPA-free leak-proof top with a one-way valve. This ingenious valve ensures that little teeth don't need to twist, pull or use a straw which can be unhygienic. It is also double walled which makes it super insulated for 10-12 hours and keeps it condensation free. Also available in ballerina, rocket, ocean friends, spring bee designs, and more. Shop Ecococoon >

Camelbak Hedgehogs Eddy Plastic Water Bottle - 400ml


This pretty pink unicorn design will be irresistible for a return to school or kindy. Made from BPA-free plastic with an easy-drink straw function, this is a durable and attractive bottle. Also available to purchase are replacement valve and straw sets to give longevity to the bottle once the straw becomes too dirty. It features a wide mouth to make it easy to fit ice cubes and has a handy clip for toting or school bags. Unlike stainless steel bottles it can go in the top drawer of the dishwasher for easy cleaning. For those kids that don't want a pink water bottle, there are lots of other colours and designs available too. Please Note: Camelbak is no longer stocked at biome. Visit our range of kids water bottles for many great alternatives.

Age 6-9 Years

Ecococoon Dragonfly Midnight Stainless Steel Water Bottle - 500ml


The beautiful artistic design will be more attractive and ‘cool' for this age group. With the same clever features as the Zoo Friends such as double-wall insulation and BPA-free leak-proof top, this stainless-steel bottle can be recycled. This bottle safely refreshes without clogging landfill. A clever design to help body and planet. Origami, construction, fairies, and surfing designs also available. Shop Ecococoon here >

Sigg Master of the Pitch Stainless Steel Water Bottle - 600ml


Sigg is a universally trusted name in stainless steel water bottles and for good reason. With Swiss design and precision in manufacture, this bottle has features that ensure longevity of the bottle and health of the user. This nifty bottle is tough steel with a patented lining that will not degrade with use or washing. This food-safe lining ensures no leaching into the drink. And even better, it has replaceable parts so you can keep and use for many years. The sports cap features a flip-top mud cap to protect the mouth piece from dirt and germs. The cool black and white soccer artwork will appeal to many girls and boys, with so many being fans of ‘the world game' these days. More designs are also available. Please note: Sigg is no longer stocked at Biome. Visit our range of kids water bottles for many great alternatives.

Age 9 & Up

Planetbox Black Insulated Water Bottle Rocket - 330ml planetbox-insulated-water-bottle-rocket-330ml-black

Black is the new black for this age group. This cool monochrome rocket design has a touch of Star Wars about it too. This bottle is made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel and is vacuum insulated for up to 12 hours. The Planetbox bottle has a leak proof cap with simple latch closure which stays open when drinking and is designed so that no plastic comes into contact with your drink. A thoughtfully designed bottle for your teen or pre-teen. Also available in a larger 550ml capacity bottle. Shop PlanetBox water bottles here >

S'Well Supernova Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle - 500ml


These beautiful and striking bottles are tough yet sophisticated. With a range of awesome designs and colours there's something to suit everyone. This iridescent design is a popular choice for teens and adults. S'Well bottles are airtight which keeps the bubbles in carbonated drinks. They also have double wall construction to keep drinks insulated just right. High quality stainless steel is used that is non-porous, non-leaching and of course BPA-free. Shop S'Well stainless steel bottles >

So as you can see, there is a huge range of water bottles that will satisfy your need to keep your kids safe. They also have less impact on the earth by reducing unnecessary waste. With these funky and functional bottles, your kids will have no excuse to stay hydrated in our harsh climate.

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