A Lunch Box That Keeps Food Warm

Do you want to know how to keep food warm for hours in a lunch box. A container to keep food warm, such as an insulated food jar, is an easy way to pack a warm lunch for school or work.


Pictured is the Yumbox Zuppa insulated food jar with spoon

How to keep food warm for hours in lunch box 

If you want to send the kids to school with a hot lunch or enjoy a hot lunch at work yourself, you need a lunch box that keeps food warm. 

An insulated food container or an insulated lunch box for kids will keep hot food hot for up to six hours. These are specially designed products that feature a double-walled container inside of it. The air between the two walls is removed when the product is manufactured, creating a vacuum. This prevents heat escaping, and keeps the food it contains hot. 

A lunch box that keeps food warm

Here at Biome, we have insulated lunch boxes for adults and kids.

The Bentgo Stainless Steel Insulated Food Container might be the best insulated lunch box for adults. If not the best, it is definitely high up there. It features a 2.4 cup capacity, and an extra wide opening, so it is easy to fill, convenient to eat from and a breeze to clean. The lid is leak proof, and is inset with a built in handle. It also features an easy open valve and a stylish brushed stainless finish which is also scratch resistant.

The best insulated lunch box for adults

The original and ever popular Thermos brand has great choices for insulated jars to keep lunch hot.


Insulated lunch box for kids

Omiebox Hot & Cold Bento Lunch Box is an insulated lunch box for kids that keeps food warm for hours. It has been meticulously designed for little children and features an easy to open lid, large carry handle, customisable compartments and bright fun colours.

The thermos section holds 280ml of food and will keep contents hot for up to 6 hours, while the other compartments are ideal for sandwiches, veggie sticks, crackers and more. 

Because Omiebox keeps food warm for so long, it is ideal for a full day adventure out and about, school, childcare and prep. 

Discover the Omiebox lunch box that keeps food warm here.

how to keep food warm for hours lunch box is a lunch box that keeps food warm
Yumbox Zuppa is great for keeping kids lunches warm.
Here's a way to heat your insulated container to help keep food hot for longer.


Do insulated lunch bags keep food warm? 

Insulated lunch bags keep food warm much longer than a lunch bag without that insulating layer. They are not as effective as an insulated food container at keeping food warm though. 

If your goal is to keep the food hot from when it is packed in the morning till when it is eaten at lunch time, use an insulated food container. You can place that inside any type of lunch bag, insulated or not.

So, how long will food stay hot in an insulated bag, you ask. Food that is contained in a container that is not insulated (like a stainless steel lunch box or a glass lunch container) will stay hot in an insulated bag for a few hours, but will start to cool more quickly than food stored in an insulated lunch box.

If you are looking for an insulated lunch bag, SoYoung insulated lunch bags are a mindfully designed lunchbox that are made from raw, uncoated linen without PVC, BPA or phthalate. They are machine washable, come with a spill safe insert for easy cleaning and include handy carry straps and fun prints.

SoYoung insulated lunch bag

Hot school lunch ideas 

These hot school lunch ideas can be made in advance and heated when it comes time to pack lunch for school.

  • Soups and stews
  • Pasta or noodles
  • Jacket potatoes with beans and other fillings
  • Veggie packed fried rice, pulao
  • Lentils/beans with rice

Hot work lunch ideas

Hot work lunch ideas might include the same suggestions as above. You can also take leftovers, or perhaps try our health-ish instant noodles! Check out the video we made that shows you how easy it is to make.

Six easy vegan lunch prep ideas in our Work Lunch Ideas for Australia


How to choose the best thermos or insulated food jar for you

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