5 Ways to Create Calm in Your Home

[caption id="attachment_3252" align="aligncenter" width="930"] Image Source: Pinterest[/caption] Don't you find that time magically begins to accelerate from September onwards every year? As Christmas speeds towards us, it's easy to start worrying about all the things to be done before the end of the year. It's important then to have a sanctuary - a peaceful home to relax and feel centred. To give you a helping hand in this quest for calm, we've researched ways to create moments of peace in your home, so you can be relaxed and present for the busy season ahead. 1. Be Willing to Unplug One of the most consistent messages from therapists and stress experts was the importance of having time away from screens (that includes TVs, laptops, tablets and phones), particularly close to bed time. Productivity expert, author and speaker Ari Meisel recommends giving your body and mind a 12-hour break from the unrelenting flow of information (Lessdoing.com). "Commit to keeping your device usage between the hours of 9AM and 9PM—you'll feel more relaxed, at peace, and happy with the world around you," he says. Stress-reduction coach, Melissa Heisler suggests creating "no-phone zones" for your family, such as the dinner table, allowing time for everybody to be present and reconnect (www.goodhousekeeping.com).   2. Develop Rituals and Routines We're not talking about planning your before-school schedule down to the second, but routines can help reduce stress and feelings of disorder. Having a plan and knowing what steps need to be taken, and in which order, will stop you feeling over-whelmed when things get busy. Creating rituals for yourself can also be a valuable mental health exercise. Whether it's an at-home face mask or a lighting a candle and writing in your journal before bed, taking time for yourself to decompress and relax is essential for your well-being.   3. Peaceful Prompts Leaving a trail of calming visual cues around your house was counselor Julie Kaminski's tip. Whether it's indoor plants, photos of your favourite beach or an inspirational quote, make sure these reminders have personal meaning to you and illicit positive and peaceful memories.   4. Cull the Clutter According to Julie Kaminski, "clutter equals stress", so it's important to address those areas that have been neglected. Whether it's your wardrobe, that kitchen drawer or any space within your house that is cluttered, reassessing your need for all that stuff will help put things in perspective. As Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of interior design business and website Apartment Therapy says "You don't want your home to fill up so that you feel like it's a weight. You want it to be a place you come home to, to feel free."   5. Make Your Bed Interiors writer, Laura Gaskill recommends making your bed each morning to create feelings of balance and rightness in the home. Plumping pillows and smoothing sheets will give the whole room a lift, whereas an unmade bed creates feelings of unsettledness. And as Gaskill says " sliding into a crisply made bed each evening is one of life's little pleasures that shouldn't be missed.." What do you do to create moments of calm in your home?   Further Reading http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/organizing/tips/a20531/create-a-peaceful-home/ http://www.houzz.com.au/ideabooks/6095395/list/give-peace-a-chance-room-by-room-tips-to-create-calm
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