10 Things You Can Do About Climate Change!

Climate Strike Protest Climate Strike march, September 2019

In the face of Australia’s increasingly volatile weather, from prolonged droughts to devastating bushfires, heat waves, and floods, it’s natural to feel a sense of despair. These drastic changes serve as stark reminders of climate change’s impact on our home. Yet, amidst this adversity, there lies a beacon of hope. By taking proactive steps—whether it’s reducing our carbon footprint, supporting sustainable practices, or advocating for policy changes—we can find optimism. 

Action is the antidote to despair, empowering us to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. Together, we can turn concern into conservation and fear into fortitude.

What can you do about climate change?

Here's 10 actions that can help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle and contribute to global efforts against climate change.

1. Choose palm Oil free skincare, cleaning and food products

Palm oil production is linked to deforestation, habitat loss, and greenhouse gas emissions. Opt for products without palm oil to protect forests and reduce your carbon footprint. Destruction of the carbon sink peat lands that lie under the tropical rainforests releases massive amounts of greenhouse gases and causes global warming. Choose palm oil free.


2. Travel with less petrol

Minimise petrol consumption by using public transport, cycling, and reducing air travel. Consider carbon offsetting to balance your emissions.


3. Reject single use plastics

The majority of plastics derive from fossil fuels. Avoiding single-use plastics can significantly cut down on pollution and fossil fuel dependence.  


4. Spark conversations with your friends and family

We can only solve this together. Engage with others about climate change. Collective action starts with awareness and dialogue


5. Advocate for action

Write to political leaders to express the urgency of the climate crisis. Informed voices can influence policy and drive change.


6. Conserve energy

Turn off unused appliances in your home and workplace, and switch to Green Power to support renewable energy.


7. Make your diet more climate friendly

  • eat less meat
  • eat local
  • buy from regenerative farmers
  • grow your own
  • buy less packaged foods
  • only buy what you need to avoid waste

    8. Live minimally

    Reduce consumption and waste, and save money. 

    • buy second hand
    • borrow instead of buy
    • repurpose
    • compost
    • donate what you don't need to put those items back into the circular economy


    9. Connect with nature

    Appreciating the natural world can renew our commitment to environmental protection.  Humans are part of nature, we are just one species in the interconnected ecological biome of our planet.


    10. Join Climate movements

    Get involved with local climate groups to amplify your impact. Check on Facebook for groups in your area such as Transition Cities.


    Will it make a difference?

    Yes, activism works! According to Sarah Wilson @_sarahwilson_ “every time 3.5% of any population has mobilised in activism, the change happened. This is an astonishing truth.”

    It will also make a much needed difference to young people's mental health, and create a stronger citizenship and vibrant democracy. Psychologist and author Steve Biddulph said student activism had very real mental health benefits. "Many children and teens are affected by the state of the world with climate and cruelty to refugees and the environment generally topping the list. "Involvement in helping the world is the key to mental health and making good adults for the future." 

    And as David Suzuki says, “In a world of more than seven billion people, each of us is a drop in the bucket. But with enough drops, we can fill any bucket.”




    New IPCC report shows Australia is at real risk from climate change, with impacts worsening, future risks high, and wide-ranging adaptation needed (theconversation.com)



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