Summertime Raw Food Smoothie recipe

Summertime is approaching and bringing some positive rays of sunshine our way.

This time of year we begin to get the most out of each day, increased serotonin giving us the spark and excitement to spend more time in nature, and helping motivate us to achieve our goals! Through sustainable and conscious living we can immerse ourselves in what we love, to feel connected with ourselves, the people around us, and the environment. A great way to kick-start your day is by preparing a delicious raw food smoothie that uses organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients that contain tons of vital nutrients. Smoothie recipes are endless! You will get to know which ones you love and be inspired to make many more, whether for brekky, as a snack, or after school. They are much more healing for the body, mind and spirit than they may seem. On the Biome website under the Food and Kitchen tab you will find superfoods that you can add to your smoothies, like Acai Berry powder and the whole Honest To Goodness range of dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Here's a favourite smoothie recipe from Stef, which you can also modify to your taste.

Stef's Blissful Berry Raw Food Smoothie

Raw food smoothie recipe

Ingredients 2 heaped tbsp. of Raw protein powder (there are great varieties sourced from sprouted grains, lentils, beans, mushrooms, hemp and greens) 1 tsp of acai berry powder A small handful of pepitas ½ tsp of ground cinnamon powder ½ tsp of turmeric powder 1 small banana ½ cup of coconut water or filtered water ½ cup of coconut milk or almond milk Some ice if it's an extra hot day

raw food smoothie recipe ingredients

Method Combine all ingredients in a blender and you are on the verge of something amazing! It is also good to source Fair trade ingredients so you are supporting ethical farming practices across world communities that include fair wages for the workers and mutual respect. When I make these raw food smoothies I feel like I am doing something great for my body and mind. This early morning elixir keeps me full, focused and energised. I also make these the night before work and take them with me in an insulated stainless steel bottle, also great to pack in the kid's lunches. Vitamin rich, healthy smoothies to keep you happy all summer long. Enjoy! from Stef! If you have recipes or stories to share like our Biome blogger Stef, go to the Green Living Guide and contact Tracey for more information. Additional reading Here is a great link to some nutritious smoothie recipes and some colourful photos of the creations.
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