Make Your Own Natural Foundation Powder

While there is some excellent natural, palm oil free makeup available, arguably the cheapest, easiest and most natural foundation is one which you make yourself. You can find all of the raw ingredients you need at Biome's Naked Beauty Bar. Make Your Own Natural Foundation Powder - DIY Skin Care - Biome Naked Beauty Bar Our DIY natural foundation powder combines a range of gentle, beneficial clays, cacao and other natural ingredients to provide light coverage, perfect for daytime.

Moroccan Lava Clay is gentle, suitable for all skin types and ideal for everyday use. Hydrating, and rich in Silica, Magnesium and trace minerals. It isn't drying like other clays.

Cacao Powder is also gentle and is used here as a natural colouring.

Kaolin White Clay works well for all skin types. It also blends well with Cacao Powder, creating a smooth texture and desired colour.

Arrowroot Powder is fine and natural, and works to gently bind all the ingredients.

Cornstarch works as another, non-irritating binder.

Green Olive Clay helps tone down red patches, and reddish skin tones. It's great for all skin types and can make inflammation less noticeable.

Natural Foundation Powder


This recipe makes enough natural foundation to fill approx. 1 x 80ml Weck Glass Jar. As this recipe uses clay, we recommend not storing in it a metal container.


  1. Mix all ingredients together until natural foundation is well combined.
  2. Put the mix through a small sieve a few times to create a fine powder - this is essential to get rid of fine lumps and properly bind everything together.
  3. Store in a small glass jar or reuse your old powder container.
This powder is good for a light coverage only and you will need to experiment to get the desired colour for your skin tone. Some people also like to add cinnamon instead of cacao powder, or use a combination of both.

Tip: A pinch of gold mica powder is a wonderful, sparkly addition to your natural foundation. It gives you a healthy glow, turning this recipe into a bronzer at the same time.

How To Use

For a light coverage, apply natural foundation to face and neck using a kabuki or foundation brush.

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