Make Your Own Natural Mould & Mildew Cleaner

Vinegar is a really effective way at cleaning mould naturally. While bleach simply bleaches the mould white, vinegar works to kill the mould spore, and if used regularly can even prevent the mould and mildew from coming back. Combining vinegar and essential oils known for their antifungal and antiseptic properties, this DIY mould and mildew cleaner is really easy to make and will leave a clean and fresh scent.

natural mould and mildew cleaner DIY recipe 

DIY Mould & Mildew Cleaner


You will also need a spray bottle.


  1. Add the vinegar and essential oils to the spray bottle and shake well to mix. Add a label to the spray bottle if desired. Your mould and mildew cleaner is now ready to use.

How to Use

As mould and mildew is toxic, it is best to use a face mask and gloves when cleaning it. Shake the bottle well before each use and spray on the surface to be cleaned. Let it sit for about an hour before wiping with a dry cloth. Use a scrub brush to remove any tough areas. Spray again with the cleaner and allow to air dry (no need to rinse). Tip: Add some clove essential oil to the cleaner for added mould killing power. Learn more about using clove essential oil to remove mould here > To reduce the chance of mould appearing again in the future:
  • Use an exhaust fan during and after showering
  • Keep humidity in the bathroom under 50%. A dehumidifier can help.
  • Spray this mould and mildew cleaner every week and allow it to air dry as a preventative.


As with all our DIY recipes, you can experiment to suit your preferences. Many factors can change the end result, including temperature, humidity, light, ingredient quality. Some DIYs can be amended by remelting or adding ingredients, but some cannot. Please read the whole recipe before beginning and remember to have fun!

Biome cannot issue a refund if the DIY skin care product, DIY hair care product or DIY body care product you make using our raw DIY ingredients do not perform as you'd hoped. We will, however, offer a refund if the raw DIY ingredient packaging is broken or leaking, or the ingredient itself appears to be ‘off'.

Before using any raw DIY ingredient for the first time, please first research that ingredient's potential benefits as well as safety precautions and possible side effects. Check with your medical professional if you have any concerns.

If you have severe acne, very sensitive skin, or another skin concern or health condition, we recommend seeking medical advice before using any new product on your skin, whether that be a raw ingredient, a DIY product you've made yourself, or commercially formulated product.

Please exercise caution when using essential oils. If you are pregnant or have any kind of health or skin condition, we recommend you speak to your doctor before use. Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids, so use in moderation. Pure essential oils should never be used directly on the skin and should never be ingested. When using an essential oil for the first time, do a skin patch test. Each essential oil is unique and may not be suited to everyone. Please research potential benefits as well as safety precautions before using any essential oil. Some essential oils may interfere with medication. Check with your medical professional if you have any concerns.

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