DIY Cooling Rose & Mandarin Facial Mist

DIY rose facial mist

Our gorgeous rose facial mist is a real jack-of-all-trades. It's not only easy to make and a much healthier alternative to synthetic fragrances, but can be used for so many things! As a natural air freshener or perfume, linen spray or cooling mist, this DIY facial mist will come in so handy you'll be making it all year round.

Rose Petal Infused Water is cooling on the skin, maintains the skin's pH balance, and controls excess oil. It also helps reduce redness from irritated skin, and helps diminish acne, dermatitis and eczema. With its astringent properties, it can clean pores and tone the skin. This water is a wonder infusion for troubled skin.

Jojoba Oil is highly moisturising and non greasy. It also adjusts the skin's pH levels naturally, so your skin can heal.

Rose Geranium creates a heady, sensual floral scent. Through its aromatherapy, it can balance, alleviate lethargy, relax the mind and calm anxiety.

Ylang Ylang has great calming and balancing properties, known to relieve extreme mood swings from PMS.

Mandarin is the sweetest and most calming citrus oil, and can also help fade stretch marks, scars and acne.

Grapefruit works to purify pores and clear your skin.

Cooling Rose & Mandarin Facial Mist



  1. Infuse the rose petals in the water for at least 48 hours or longer.
  2. Strain well using a fine sieve, garni or nut milk bag. Repeat if necessary to ensure there are no remaining petals.
  3. In a separate glass jar or jug, add the jojoba oil and essential oils, stir until well combined. Add the rose infused water and mix.
  4. Using a funnel or a steady hand, pour into a 100ml amber glass spray bottle and shake until well dispersed.
  5. Leave to sit for at least 24 hrs for the oils to infuse in the facial mist.

How To Use

Shake well before each use, as the oils will float to the top. With eyes closed, spray facial mist liberally over your face when desired throughout the day, for a cooling and uplifting experience.

You can also give your home a quick spritz to neutralise odours, or to freshen up your linen.

Avoid eyes. Keep from direct sunlight and use within 6 months. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Tip: For the ultimate cooling spritz, place the bottle in the fridge for 30 minutes before use.

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