3 Repurposed Gift Ideas

We love gifting items that have been made from recycled and repurposed materials, that are meaningful, support communities and that help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. Here are some of our favourite, unique and meaningful gift ideas.

One Hundred Year Old Recycled Brass Fountain Pen

Between 1864 and 1995, the Ipswich Railway Workshops in Ipswich, Queensland were used to build and assemble locomotives. This fountain pen has been made from the 100 year old brass salvaged from this location. The brass has been left in its natural state, with no protective coatings. As such, the patina of the brass will change based on how often the pen is used. They are produced in small batches, and no two are the same.

Biome Bee House

The Biome bee house has been handmade in Brisbane by the Indooroopilly Men's Shed from reused pallet boxes and weed bamboo cleared from around the local area. Each bee house is one of a kind - they are each the same size, but may look different with how the timber and bamboo have been assembled. The card accompanying the bee house, features native bee illustrations by Brisbane artist Ingrid Bartkowiak. It explains how the bee house works, where to position it and how it will work. This bee house will attract native bees and wasps and other insects that play an important role as pollinators. Position the Biome bee house in a sheltered spot out of the hot midday sun (but still able to get morning sun) and also out of harsh rain or winds. Hang under an eave or under a tree, but keep the entrance clear of vegetation. Find the Biome bee house here >

Beekeeper Parade Bags

Beekeeper Parade is a social enterprise based in Melbourne. The Beekeeper team upcycle high quality discarded textiles and transform this discarded waste into durable and stylish backpacks, wallets, pouches, bumbags and other items. Proceeds from each Beekeeper Parade item sold goes towards Baby Tree Projects, a charity founded by Koki and Sophia Saly of Beekeeper Parade, that fights for children's rights and provide quality education to children living in rural Cambodia. Each Beekeeper Parade bag is completely unique, and new colours and styles are being released all the time. Shop more eco gift ideas here >
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