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natural cleaning blog pic 2   Green Potions is a small business based in Queensland that make wonderfully effective eco cleaning products locally. With experience running an eco-friendly cleaning business for 10 years, the owners decided to develop their own range of completely natural cleaning supplies. Eight years on, cleaning your home is easier, healthier and safer for your family. But don't take our word for it - see why Green Potions is amazing below. Shop the entire Green Potions range here >

Why Green Potions is Awesome

It's Completely Palm-Oil Free

At Biome, we are committed to offering products that are completely free of palm oil. Everything we sell is 100% free of untraceable palm oil, and we are the only retail store in the world to be approved by Palm Oil Investigations. Read more on our fight against palm oil here >

Made with all Natural Ingredients

Everything that goes into Green Potions is completely natural and free from any petrochemicals and toxins, giving you a wholly natural cleaning experience. 100% pure essential oils are used to create lovely fragrances, and with as little as two ingredients in some products, you can rest assured only the purest and most effective natural ingredients are going to be used in your home. Best of all, even though they're only made with natural stuff, they're also super effective at their job. In 2010, a Manager from a cafe at NASA requested a product sample of their Kitchen Exhaust Degreaser and were amazed by the results!

All Products are Zero Waste

Living zero or low waste is something many of us are passionate about. Why buy products where the packaging contributes to landfill, and the end life of the product itself is destined for the dump? Spending money on higher-quality, longer-lasting, reusable and recyclable products is not only better for the planet, but for your wallet in the long term. When you buy a Green Potions product, not only can you recycle the soft-plastic labels at your nearest Redcycle collection point, but you can reuse or recycle the glass mason jars, and reuse the spray bottles for your own homemade products.

Supports a Local Queensland Business

Green Potions is made by Amanda Choy, a small-business owner based in Queensland who is committed to creating natural, safe and healthy household products. Amanda has 10 years' experience running a natural cleaning business, Green Domestics. Taking on private cleaning, then rental bond cleans, Amanda noticed some of the green cleaners she was using simply weren't doing the job, and make Amanda's day longer and more tiring. From this, Amanda decided she wanted to make her own range of cleaning supplies. She made (and is still making) the products in her own kitchen, trialing new Potions in her own home, and learning what natural ingredients work best. From this, she made the best Potions possible. "Our prime reason for making these products is so others can use natural ingredients instead of the harmful chemicals, that often don't even work anyway and only increase their risk of contracting health issues due to the chemicals" Amanda told Biome. Because Green Potions is a local business, each product has a smaller carbon footprint, so transporting it to your home is better for the environment. And you'll also be supporting a small Australian business that puts a lot of love into their creations. Now that we've convinced you how great Green Potions is, have a look at the products below and see which ones you can use in your home.

Green Potions' Products

No.11 - Exhaust Degreaser

natural cleaning exhaust degreaser Great for combating grease and mould! Cleans things like exhaust filters, units, fans, ovens, even pots! It can also kill mould and mildew around your home. A multipurpose product can replace many chemically-laden cleaners at once. Win-win! Buy our Exhaust Degreaser here >

No.13 - Laundry Powder

natural cleaning laundry powder This is the ultimate natural laundry powder. Not only is it good for both top and front loaders, but it's a biodegradable product, so it's great for grey water, septic tanks, and for popping on your plants if you hand wash some clothes. Buy our Laundry Powder in the 500g jar here > And the 1kg jar here>

No. 15 - Bathroom Cleaner

natural cleaning bathroom cleaner All in the name, this natural cleaning beauty cleans your whole bathroom. Great for bathroom surfaces, sinks, tubs, taps and toilets to restore shine and cleanliness. Its primary use, however, is a daily shower spray, which is great for keeping limescale and grimy showers at bay! Simply spray shower screens while you're having your daily shower, and rinse off. It's also scented with essential oils to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. The Biome team are amazed at how incredibly effective Green Potions' Bathroom Cleaner is on soap scum. It does a fantastic job at keeping shower screens clean! Buy our Bathroom Cleaner here >

No. 17 - Toilet Fizz

natural cleaning toilet fizz Clean your loo to sparkling perfection without plastic, petrochemicals and toxic ingredients. Simply sprinkle some into the toilet bowl, and when it starts to fizz, give the bowl a good scrub with a toilet brush. It's that simple! Buy our Toilet Fizz here >

No. 4 - Cream Cleanser

natural cleaning cream cleanser This little jar of cleanser can do so many things - it cleans sinks, basins, scuff marks on walls and floors, bathtubs, pots, appliances, stove tops and so much more! A little goes a long way with this product so it'll last a long time, replacing many cleaners with one, for ages. Buy our Cream Cleanser here >

No. 5 - Stain Remover

natural cleaning stain remover Any stain you got, this remover can bust. Lipstick? Oil-based makeup? Dried, oil-based tar? Nothing can best this Potion. Simply soak a stain with a bit of remover for 20 minutes, then scrub it gently with a brush (like a soft-bristled toothbrush). Buy our Stain Remover here >

No. 7 - Kitchen Degreaser

natural cleaning kitchen degreaser This natural cleaning spray keeps your kitchen sparkling - it cleans kitchen benches, including granite and natural stone surfaces. Grimy stove tops, fans, window sills, cupboards, blinds, sinks - nothing is safe from this Degreaser's cleaning power. Just spray the Potion on moist cloth and wipe surfaces to degrease all your troubles away. Buy our Kitchen Degreaser here > Shop the entire Green Potions range here > See more of our Green Cleaning Supplies here > Image thanks to @greenpotions.
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