How to get rid of and prevent clothes moths

Discovered little holes in your cotton t-shirts or woollen jumpers? Clothes moths can be a real nuisance when their larvae start eating your clothes, but you can keep them away without resorting to highly toxic insecticides like naphthalene. Read on as we share the best moth repellant for clothes, and how you can deal with a clothes moth infestation naturally using red cedar or linii huon pine.

How to tell if you have clothes moths

Adult clothes moths are very secretive, and you won't see them flying around much at all. Usually the first indication you have them is you find the damage that the larvae have caused - holes in your clothes!

Clothes moth larvae love natural fibres like wool, cotton and linen. If you pull out a cotton t-shirt or woollen jumper and find it covered in little holes, you may very well have clothes moths.

How to get rid of and prevent clothes moths using red cedar | Biome Eco Stores

How to get rid of clothes moths

Step 1: Wash your clothes and clean out your wardrobe

Once you've discovered you have a problem, the first thing you should do is clear out the moths, larvae and eggs. Remove all of your clothes from your wardrobe or drawers and wash them in hot water. While your clothes are washing, wipe down the walls of your wardrobe with soapy water, and give it a really thorough vacuum.

Step 2: Ventilate your wardrobe well

Open your wardrobe up and expose it to as much light and fresh air as possible. Leave it open for at least 24 hours. Once your clothes have been washed you can return them to the wardrobe.

Step 3: Add a natural repellant

After you have been through the above steps, pop a few red cedar moth repellant blocks into your wardrobe and close it up. Our red cedar blocks are made from sustainably harvested American red cedar. 

How to get rid of and prevent clothes moths using red cedar | Biome Eco Stores

Linii Huon Pine is a fantastic, very effective Australian made alternative.


Does red cedar repel moths?

Red cedar and linii huon pine are effective moth deterrents and a safe alternative to the highly toxic naphthalene moth balls. They are the best moth repellant for clothes. A space that has a strong red cedar or linii huon pine smell will deter adult clothes moths from entering, settling in and breeding. It's important to only add the blocks to a clean space though.

Red cedar and linii huon pine won't drive the moths and their larvae out of a space, it will simply deter them from entering in the first place. If you add the red cedar blocks or linii huon pine to an infested space without going through the above steps and cleaning it out first, the adult moths will learn to live with the smell, the larvae will grow up accustomed to it, and you won't solve the problem of them eating your clothes.

How to stop moths eating clothes

Protect your clothes using a natural moth repellant to stop moths eating clothes during the year,

Between seasons, store clothes in airtight storage boxes or garment bags. Ensure they are completely airtight so moths can't get in there!

When regularly wearing clothes made of natural fibres, make sure they are clean when you hang them up in your wardrobe, and free from food, sweat and other debris (this makes your clothes extra enticing to clothes moths!).

If, like us, you like to go a few wears between washing to save on resources and prolong the life of your clothes, hang worn clothes up in a breezy spot out of your wardrobe. Once a week, open up your wardrobe and drawers and give them a good airing out, and every few months, give them a good clean out too.

If you have been using the red cedar blocks to deter clothes moths, sand them back every month or so to rejuvenate the scent. You could also add a few drops of red cedar essential oil to them.

Natural Moth Repellant Australia

At Biome we offer a large range of natural moth repellant options.

Here are some top combos to repel clothes moths naturally.

Red Cedar Blocks and Red Cedar Oil

Repel clothes moths naturally

Tip: Sand the Red Cedar Blocks back once a month to rejuvenate the scent. You can also add a few drops of Red Cedar Oil to them. 

Bug Off Silverfish and the Banksia Aroma Pod

Natural moth repellant Australia

Tip: Add a few drops of Bug Off Silverfish to a Banksia Aroma Pod and place in your pantry or wardrobe.

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