Time to replenish your cleaning items? Make the switch to green!

The easiest way to turn your cleaning green is to make the switch each time as something runs out. So, what's next on your shopping list?

Multipurpose household cleaner

Switch from Spray & Wipe to pure castile soap. Pure castile soap is a powerhouse of usefulness! Biome's gentle and non-drying formula is perfect for hands and body, but also great as an all purpose cleaner around the home.
  • Cleaning spray: Mix with water and an essential oil like eucalyptus or tea tree (optional)
  • Scouring paste: Mix with water and bi carb to form a paste
  • Toilet cleaner: Add a few drops of soap to the toilet and scrub with the toilet brush.
Plus, did you know you can refill your castile soap at any of our Biome stores? Just bring in your empty bottle or pick one up in store. [pswp_products ids="22669,34599"]


Switch from Finish or Morning Fresh to one that's made locally and from natural ingredients.
Kin Kin Naturals dishwashing powder has been formulated by a PhD-qualified formulator who used to work for OMO. Made with love in the Noosa Hinterland, Kin Kin Naturals is plant based and safe for people and the planet, including grey water and septic systems. It's also super concentrated, so will last a long time too. The Biome community love it - check out their reviews! Do you hand wash your dishes. Cut out the plastic bottle waste and harsh ingredients by switching to a chunky dishwashing soap block. Another winner in our customer's eyes! [pswp_products ids="12732,28820"]

Paper Towels, Cloths & Sponges

Switch from disposable to washable! Our organic dyed sponge cloths are a great alternative to Chux or paper towels and perfect for cleaning up spills or bench top surfaces. Made from a cellulose and cotton blend, they are highly absorbant, sturdy and washable. They are also compostable, so at the end of their life they will return to the earth! Another brilliant idea is unpaper towels - organic cotton flannelettes that are double stitched with finished edges and fitted with snaps at the corners to easily re-roll and store on your existing paper towel holder. These aren't just great as a paper towel alternative - our community also love using them as napkins! [pswp_products ids="34580,37457"]

Looking for more ideas?

Visit one of our Australian eco stores. Find them here. Or browse our extensive green cleaning range online here.
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