I want to... switch to wooden combs and brushes

So you want to make the switch from plastic combs and brushes to those made from wood and natural fibres? Good for you! It's so easy. Keep reading for our suggested swaps. Wooden brushes and combs are much gentler on your hair, may reduce frizz, and at the end of their life can be composted. Ours are carefully made from sustainably sourced wood and plant based materials. [pswp_products ids="15484,20497"] Did you know that wooden combs and brushes are also known to pleasantly massage the scalp, stimulating blood circulations and providing total body relaxations. Wooden pins are much gentler on your head and hair ensuring safe detangling and natural oil distribution. [pswp_products ids="16976,16983"] CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY... BACK TO > Just Switch 3 Logo   Shop all natural hair styling products here >
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