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Led by Grace, its aspirational founder and CEO, Pure and Green is an exceptional Australian skincare creation that has ticked all the eco-credentials. Biome has looked closely at many natural skin care brands, many of which are just “bulk purchased bases” that are custom branded, and many claiming to be organic that contain minimal organic ingredients. After developing a skin condition during the pregnancy of her first child, founder Grace became very conscious of the personal care products she was using. After sitting on her bathroom floor going through every product she had, Grace soon discovered that there was only one product that did not contain the harmful toxins she wished to avoid. It became Grace's desire to produce a range of personal care products that were truly organic. This lead her on a journey of discovery that lead to the creation of Pure and Green. In June 2009, Pure and Green was the first company in the world to have every product in its range from face, body, dental and hair care to be certified organic! You can usually tell when an eco company is for real by the extra steps taken that set them apart. Pure and Green has shown deep consideration the whole way through to the packaging, using innovative ingredients and mixing their own formulations in a custom built facility. About Pure and Green
  • Certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the gold standard for high-level cosmetics certification that requires at least 95% of ingredients by mass to be certified organic (other certifiers accept as little as 20%).
  • Palm oil free. Palm oil is often hidden in derivatives like sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium palmate, stearic acid and glycerine without mentioning it on the label, or it is labelled as palmitate or simply "vegetable" oil. Pure and Green has gone to lengths to ensure there is no palm oil in any ingredient.
  • Certified vegan and cruelty free.
  • The first cosmetic company in the world to use 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard caps for its bottles.
  • The first company in Australia to use BIOpack bottles made from plant sugar.
Pure and Green are a small business who has fought every step of the way to make things happen that most others accept are not possible. We are proud to stock the range at Biome.
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