Choosing A Palm Oil Free Sunscreen

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We feel it's important to protect ourselves, and our families, from the harsh Australian sun. Skin cancer, sunburns, and premature aging are not on the agenda when spending time outdoors. But generic sunscreens have petrochemicals and toxic ingredients, and it can be a struggle to find a brand that is not only going to protect our skin, but our health and the health of the planet. At Biome, we have strict standards when sourcing products, so we only stock what is great for you and the environment. Read more about our Strict Standards here >

But the biggest struggle we've had has been finding safe, palm oil free sunscreen.

Palm Oil in Conventional Sunscreen

Any creamy or liquid beauty product, such as moisturisers and sunscreen, need an emulsifying agent to bind the water and oil ingredients together. This emulsifier is more than likely to be palm-oil derived. Palm oil is also found in glycerine, and is used to make 1000 synthetic cosmetic compounds, including Emulsifying Wax and Stearic Acid. Because of this, palm oil's prevalence in the beauty industry means its hard to find palm oil free alternatives for any conventional liquid or cream cosmetic product. Read more on our fight against palm oil here >

But at Biome, we've worked hard to source the best palm oil free sunscreen - with no petrochemicals, toxic ingredients, or untraceable palm oil. You can rest assured our sunscreen range is effective, safe, and completely guilt free.

Biome's Palm Oil Free Sunscreen Options

Wotnot Sunscreen and Primer SPF30


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A palm oil free sunscreen that primes your face for make up, so you'll never forget to slip-slop-slap. Vegan and enriched with jojoba, aloe vera and green tea, this is a broad-spectrum sunscreen will both protect and nourish your skin.

Buy our Wotnot Sunscreen & Primer here >


Wotnot Sunscreen (in 100g and 150g) SPF30


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Wotnot sunscreen also protects against UVA and UVB rays, and is great for skin of all ages, including babies. With certified organic aloe-vera, GMO-free Vitamin E, and no synthetics, this is a sunscreen that loves your skin with nothing nasty.

Buy our Wotnot Sunscreen (100g) here >

Buy our Wotnot Sunscreen (150g) here >

Sun & Earth Natural Zinc (3 Shades) SPF30+

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A palm oil free sunscreen that has three shades, so you're protected no matter your skin tone. Biodegradable, zero waste, and non nano, this is an all-day sunscreen that will replace your foundation in no time.

Buy our 'Sandy Light' shade here >

Buy our 'Sunny Tan' shade here >

Surfpaste Tinted SPF30


palm oil free sunscreen surfpaste
This tinted sunscreen can be used for both the face and lips, so all exposed skin gets protected. Made in Noosa with a base of avocado, jojoba and shea butter, this sunscreen works as a foundation substitute and is great for sport.

Buy our Surfpaste here >


Miessence Organic Reflect Sunscreen SPF15

palm oil free sunscreen miessence
A water-free and mineral-filled sunscreen, the olive oil, carrot seed and rosemary extracts keep skin nourished while the zinc oxide protects from the sun.

Buy our Miessence Reflect Sunscreen here >


It's important to protect ourselves from the Australian sun, but we also need to protect ourselves from toxins and stop supporting industries that are destroying the environment. With a safe, palm oil free sunscreen, you can achieve all these things, and enjoy summer in more ways than one. Browse our Palm Oil Free Sunscreen here >
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