How to Use Activated Charcoal Powder

Activated charcoal powder in jar Activated charcoal is a highly absorptive and wonderfully detoxifying substance, and is fantastic at drawing bacteria, chemicals, dirt, and other micro particles from the skin and hair. Here are three easy ways you can incorporate medicinal grade activated charcoal into your natural beauty regime, for whiter teeth, clearer skin and voluminous hair without unnecessary chemicals.

Buy activated charcoal powder Note: Do not use any other form of charcoal besides activated charcoal powder in your mouth, on your skin or in your hair.


Whiten Teeth with Activated Charcoal Powder

With daily use, activated charcoal powder will work wonders on surface stains like those from the likes of coffee and tea, with it's absorbent properties pulling these stains from teeth. It may not work on teeth that have discoloured due to internal problems or from antibiotic use though. Wellness Mama also writes that activated charcoal may be helpful in changing the pH and health of the mouth, preventing cavities and killing bad bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gingivitis.

To use: Dip a clean, wet toothbrush into the activated charcoal powder. Quickly put the charcoal covered toothbrush in your mouth, and brush gently for two minutes. Spit carefully (try and protect your sink) and rinse really well. If you are concerned that it will be too abrasive for your teeth, you could try dabbing the charcoal onto your teeth with your finger and letting it sit for two minutes before rinsing with water. While it might temporarily make you mouth very black and scary looking, the black washes away and leaves your teeth feeling extremely clean and smooth. After a couple of weeks of daily use, you should start to notice a difference.


Deep Clean Your Skin with a Charcoal Face Mask

When used in organic skincare, activated charcoal binds to and helps pull the oil and dirt out of your pores, making them less visible. Give your face a really deep clean once or twice a week using this activated charcoal face mask. To use: Using a wooden spoon and glass bowl or cup, mix half teaspoon of activated charcoal powder with half teaspoon of bentonite clay. Add enough water to form a smooth paste (approximately one teaspoon). After you have used a natural face cleanser, apply the charcoal mask evenly, avoiding the delicate skin around your eyes and lips. Leave on for up to 10 minutes until it dries, then wash it off and pat your face gently with a clean towel. Follow with a natural facial moisturiser. Exfoliate your face before applying the mask for an even deeper clean. (Check our natural body care products)


Remedy Scalp Conditions

When used on your hair, activated charcoal can draw out oil, dirt and toxins, just like it does for your skin. Plus, because activated charcoal won't leave the residue regular shampoos will, your hair will feel lighter and have more volume. To use: Massage half teaspoon of activated charcoal powder into dry scalp and leave for 15 minutes, or as long as you can. Rinse with water and follow with your regular natural hair care routine. Because activated charcoal can make a bit of a mess, stain clothes, the floor and surfaces, be careful by using an old sheet to cover up. Our medicinal grade activated charcoal is detoxifying, highly absorptive, steam activated, 100% plant-based (coconut shell) and packaged in a reusable glass jar.



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