Hair colouring with plant dyes

Our herbal and plant based hair colours say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to glossy, healthy hair. See the beautiful transformations using our Logona range. At Biome, we believe we stock some of the best eco hair colour ranges found worldwide. Our customers return to our hair dyes again and again, loving their gentle ingredients and natural results. We also love our Australian supplier of the Logona hair colours. We have known Sue for a long time now, and her passion for achieving great results using these plant-rich dyes is seemingly endless. Sue recently shared with us these wonderful before and after pics as well as reminding us of her tips for dying hair with Logona dyes, and we wanted to share them with you. Before (left) and after applying Logona Herbal Hair Colour in Black (best suited to natural medium or dark brown hair with up to 30% grey on dark brown hair, not for black with grey or chemically tinted or bleached hair). Sue says that the difference between grey hair and henna colored is considerable (in a good way). Once you have chosen the colour for you, applying Logona herbal dye once a month will build the colour and help to cover grey with a natural, transluent effect (rather than the obvious synthetic solid colour). In addition, hair generally feels softer and shinier. Before (left) and after applying Logona Herbal Hair Colour in Umber Brown. Suitable for dark blonde, medium brown, light brown hair with up to 50% grey, but not suitable for brown hair with over 50% white as hair can tend toward orange). To get the best results with Logona powder dyes, mix powder with boiling water to the consistency of yoghurt. Next, shampoo hair twice (do not condition), and semi-dry hair so that it is mostly dry. Apply colour all over if for the first time (after you have strand tested) or to roots only if you've already dyed using the colour. Then cover with plastic cap and towel, and heat with hand dryer for a few minutes. Leave for 30 minutes, and reheat again with hand dryer for a few minutes. You can then leave a further 30 minutes (depending on the colour chosen, check the box). And you may like to leave longer which can help give a better result. Lastly rinse with Logona colour conditioner. Before (left) and after applying Logona Herbal Hair Colour in Henna Red. Lastly, we should mention that Logona hair dyes are BDIH certified with no synthetic preservatives, fragrances, flavours or colors and 100% disclosure of ingredients. They are also vegan.
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