Biome Staff Picks - Desert Shadow Organic Hair Colour

This week Jacqui from our Head Office in Brisbane shares one of her favourite Biome products. Desert Shadow organic hair colour - available at biome

Desert Shadow Organic Hair Colour in Red Shadow

Jacqui loves Desert Shadow organic hair colour in red shadow. This hair dye applies a semi-permanent colour to your hair using the ground up powders of plants and berries. The tone leaves a medium copper red colour that is deep and rich and shines in the sunlight. Jacqui loves that she can still colour her hair without using toxic chemicals and moisture stripping ingredients. Her beauty motto is never put something on your skin that you wouldn't be OK with eating, and Desert Shadow use only plants, berries and veggies to colour their dyes. Henna has an amazing ability to pick up the different colours in your hair and leave you with a head of vibrance! You can also choose browns, blondes or black. It doesn't have to be red! There are many benefits to using this product. By choosing a product free from bleach, ammonia, peroxide and other toxic chemicals you are being kind to your scalp and to the waterways that the dyes get washed into. The natural plant dyes leave you with vibrant lustrous colour whilst naturally conditioning your hair. Choosing a certified organic product means not only is the final product free from chemicals, but the ingredients have been grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides and harvested under ethical and fair working conditions. Economically this is a great choice. With her long hair Jacqui had more than enough colour to use in the one pack of Desert Shadow. So for short/medium hair she recommends using half the powder to mix up a batch and saving the other half for next time! This product is a beautiful reminder to slow it down, as the process can take around 4-6 hours depending how deep you wish your colour to be. But Jacqui recommends to not take this as a negative, and instead turn it into half a day to focus on yourself! Jacqui said that once her hair was covered in dye and wrapped up in a towel, she drank tea, read a book, played music and relaxed. The instructions suggest including add-ons like molasses and yogurt, but Jacqui likes to leave them out and keep it simple. All you need is a bowl, old towel, spoon to mix and some water (gloves are included). Oh and Jacqui recommends to definitely add the spice mix! She thinks it makes your hair smell like a delicious cup of chai! Values this supports: vegan, fragrance free, petrochemical free, made in Australia, ethically sourced, toxin free, Certified Organic Shop Desert Shadow organic hair colour in our Brisbane stores and online here > Sign up to our newsletter to receive ideas to live a more eco and ethical lifestyle, plus exclusive specials to make it easier for you >
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