Behind The Scenes at Biome

Our Bee Garden is Back

Back in February 2022 in the Brisbane flood, our entire warehouse went under 1.8m of water. We lost the majority of our stock and equipment, along with months of disruption as everything was rebuilt.

Luckily our native bee hotel 'biome' sign was above the level, but our planters with the flowers that the bees love went under.  We salvaged the planters and Tracey finally re-furbished and planted them!  We're buzzing with happiness at this piece now being back in place. :)  



Our Super Neat Receiving Dock & Warehouse Shelves

We take pride in caring for all the products before they find their way to you - and we LOVE picking from super neat shelves.  Our dock coordinator does an amazing job of keeping everything neat, which helps us all feel calm and organised.  Sometimes we just stand in an aisle and stare at the products all lined up so uniformly :)

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Our New Laundry Liquid Concentrate Bar Graphic Design!

At first we launched the bar in paper bags to use up some materials that we had, and while we worked on some neat packaging to honour this amazing plastic free laundry solution.  Meet our talented graphic designer. 

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Our Awesome Women Led Team

In our four physical stores and online operation we have a lot of women.  Here are some to celebrate International Womens' Day!

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Our DIY Production Lab

Making magic happen with our palm oil free, close to nature solutions for skin and hair care, home care, and cleaning!

We keep our prices low by not charging for fancy packaging, and expensive branding and advertising campaigns.  Just simple raw ingredients, packaged as minimally as we can.

There is a lot of love and care that goes into every product!

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Outdoor Meeting

Taking our own advice and having a social media brainstorming standing meeting outdoors!



Packing a Plastic Free Order

We ship all our parcels with zero plastic!  Instead of plastic sticky tape we use water activated paper tape (just like the old stamps - except we don't have to lick the tape thankfully!).  We try to shred most of the boxes we receive to make stuffing.

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We hope you enjoyed this little look behind the scenes at Biome.

- Tracey and the team x


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