• Dreamy sleep stories from First Nations storytellers to help you drift off to sleep

    January 31, 2022 • LIFE, STORIES

    “The stars you sleep under tonight are the same stars that First Nations people have told stories beneath for millennia. Close your eyes and journey with us through lands of awe and wonder – lands that, for First Nations storytellers, are never far away.” – Dreamy

    Dreamy artwork by Carmen Glynn-Braun Courtesy of Common Ground

    Image: Dreamy artwork by Carmen Glynn-Braun Courtesy of Common Ground

    How would you like to be gently lulled to sleep by First Nations storytellers drawing on an incredible 80,000 year old oral tradition? Dreamy is here to help you do just that.

    Brought to life by Common Ground and Snapchat, Dreamy is a collection of sleep stories created by First Nations storytellers. ​These soothing tales are voiced and written by First Nations creatives, the original storytellers, and will help people of all walks of life to quiet their minds, disconnect from their devices, connect with our land, and drift off to sleep.

    The idea behind Dreamy came to life after its creators discovered the 2016 Australian Reconciliation Barometer. Research found that while most Australians believe it is important to know the histories of First Nations peoples, less than half (42%) say they have high knowledge of that history.

    Well Dreamy is a way to help you develop that knowledge.

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    Meet the Dreamy Storytellers & Their Stories

    Bilabang by Jazz Money, Poet, Filmmaker, Artist​

    ‘Go gentle and flow out with the river to meet that ever-expanding sky.’

    Jazz is a freshwater Wiradjuri woman currently based on Gadigal land. She creates poems, films, art and Indigenous digital spaces. Her first book ‘how to make a basket’ won the David Unaipon Award and is available now.​

    Star Dust & Tagai by Ghenoa Gela, Multi-arts Navigator, Storyteller

    ‘How lovely are the stars scattered across the never-ending navy-blue blanket?​’

    Ghenoa is an award-winning, multi-dimensional storyteller and proud Torres Strait Islander woman. Ghenoa’s culture and family stories inspire her to share, whether it’s directing, writing, making, performing or teaching.

    Living Echoes by Dakota Feirer, Writer, Educator, Thinker

    ‘Tonight, moonlight shimmers across a sandstone ceiling, dancing across cave walls.’

    Dakota is a Bundjalung man based on Dharawal and Yuin lands. His work consists of poems, stories and reflections that engage with Country, culture, spirit and healing. He believes in healing Country through art and storytelling.​

    Journey to the Centre by Aurora Liddle-Christie, Writer, Actor, Poet, Singer, Songwriter

    ‘A breeze blows through the red rock hills, rustling the eucalyptus leaves, dancing with the birds.’

    Aurora is an Arrernte and Jamaican multidisciplinary artist. Her practice draws on the experiences of People of Colour and First Nations people at the intersecting themes of decolonisation, walking between worlds, healing and reconnection to Country. ​

    Moon Holds Water by Dr Romaine Moreton​, Filmmaker, Academic, Artist​

    ‘Listening to the crashing ocean waves is like listening to infinity.​’

    Dr Romaine Moreton is Goenpul Yagerabul Minjungbul Bundjalung from Tjerangeri (Stradbroke Island). She is the Director of First Nations & Outreach at AFTRS and an internationally recognised writer of poetry, prose, and film. While a Research Fellow Filmmaker in Residence at Monash, she completed the powerful transmedia work One Billion Beats, that examined the historical representation of Aboriginal people in Australian cinema.

    Other Dreamy Collaborations

    Beyond the five First Nations storytellers, Dreamy collaborated with:

    Carmen Glynn-Braun, Artist

    Carmen is a Southern Arrernte, Kaytetye and Anmatyerre transdisciplinary artist who employs contemporary methods of capturing First Nations storytelling translated across many artistic mediums. Her practice acts as a platform to uplift, empower and preserve our stories for many generations to come.

    Greta Bradman, Registered Psychologist

    Psychologist, broadcaster and wellbeing content creator, Greta consults in private practice and facilitates around mental health and wellbeing, culture, and values-based decision making with public and private organisations.

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    Learn More with Common Ground

    Common Ground is a First Nations-led not-for-profit who is working to shape a society that centres First Nations people by amplifying knowledge, cultures and stories.

    Visit www.commonground.org.au for lots of other ways to further develop your knowledge of First Nations culture.

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