• Make Your Own Mango, Coconut & Lime Body Scrub ‘n’ Soak

    October 24, 2017 • BEAUTY, DIY RECIPES

    DIY Body Scrub - Mango, Coconut & Lime Body Scrub 'n' Soak - Biome Naked Beauty Bar

    Our summery Mango, Coconut & Lime DIY Body Scrub will transport you to tropical island! Epsom salt and magnesium flakes gently exfoliate, while the coconut, mango butter and castor oil nourish, soothe and protect the skin. Uplifting lime and orange essential oils make this DIY body scrub ‘n’ soak truly special.



    1. In a bowl, mix together salts, coconut sugar and coconut flesh.
    2. Using a fork, mash in the coconut oil and mango butter until just combined. Try not to over mash it.
    3. Add the caster or olive oil to the mixture, and mix lightly again until just combined. The consistency should be a thick crumbly oily texture.
    4. Add the calendula petals and green tea leaves, mix through lightly.
    5. Add essential oils and mix lightly.
    6. Transfer to a glass jar (you may like to split the mixture up over several smaller jars).

    How to use

    Run a warm bath. Take a small handful and apply the body scrub all over your body, avoiding the face. Without rinsing off, step into the bath and soak. Take a moment to relax and unwind.

    Take care getting out of the bath as it will be slippery.

    Note: Mix your scrub before each use as oils may have settled at the bottom of the jar.

    This recipe will make enough for approximately 12 uses.

    Keep out of sunlight. Use within 3 months.

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