Plastic free

Our plastic free living guide helps you live a life and shop with less plastic. Start Plastic Free July shopping any day! We're strict so you can reduce the plastic you use with plastic free products and no plastic packaging -- non plastic alternatives such as glass, stainless steel, organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and wood.  Scroll down to read more about the history of plastic.

How can we live without plastic? The word 'plastic' existed long before the first synthetic polymer we know today as plastic--it simply means 'able to be moulded'. Polymers abound in nature, particularly in the cellulose of plants. But, pliable polymers made from petrol have transformed how we live. We now rely on the cheap, throwaway nature of plastic, rather than treating it as a non-renewable resource that pollutes for eternity; and, that is harmful in its manufacture, use and disposal.

Is silicone plastic? Biome considers to be plastic, any synthetic fibres such as polyester, melamine, neoprene, and some bio-plastics (that may still contain petrochemicals). Silicone is a human made plastic. It is not a 'natural' material as fossil fuels are used in its manufacture. There is limited research on whether silicone is safe, i.e. it may leach chemicals when heated, it may contain undisclosed fillers. Plus, it is not biodegradable and can not be recycled through household recycling.