Reusable pouches

Sinchies - formerly Squeezems - is a versatile system of clear, reusable, eco-friendly plastic pouches for storing and serving nutritious liquids, soft foods, toiletries, sauces and salad dressings without the preservatives and sugars found in most pre-packaged goods.

Sinchies, a play on the word "cinch", will replace Squeeze'ems as the brand name. Sinchies creator Samantha Spunner spoke about the exciting expansion plans.  "To develop the new name we surveyed well over 250 customers to find out why they use the product, with the most common response being "they're easy", so we decided to play with this and eventually decided on Sinchies," Ms Spunner revealed.

"With the addition of two new pouch sizes and the first Sinchies cookbook we felt the time was right to relaunch the brand with a vibrant, fresh and unique concept that perfectly reflects our range of products," she said.

"Since launching last year we've received an incredible response from people all over the world who have been searching for a convenient, healthy and affordable way to serve delicious food - from Australia and New Zealand to Ireland and South Korea," Ms Spunner said.


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