Biome customers have saved over 5 million disposable coffee cups from landfill by using their reusable KeepCup! 

With a KeepCup reusable coffee cup you keep the cup rather than sending more rubbish to landfill. Baristas love KeepCups because they match the standard takeaway cup sizes 118ml (4oz), 177ml (6oz), 227ml (8oz), 340ml (12oz) and 470ml (16oz). Coffee lovers enjoy the taste without the waxy plastic used on disposable cups. We love KeepCup because they are Australian designed and made from BPA free plastic or glass.

Did you know that once you have used a KeepCup 15 times over a disposable cup, you have reached break even on its life cycle, including cleaning.  Every use after that is a bonus for the planet!

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