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Why is body brushing an important addition to your daily beauty routine?
Body brushing is a traditional natural health practice, which involves dry brushing the skin before a shower or bath. Dry body brushing offers amazing benefits to your skin and the health of your body through exfoliation, increased circulation, cellulite reduction, smoother skin and, importantly, body brushing detoxifies the lymphatic system. A Bodecare dry body brush will leave your skin glowing, visibly smoother and increase hydration.  You will also find that your body moisturisers go further and save you money because they soak into the skin more easily.  Using a natural body brush provides better results than a synthetic body brush because the natural plant bristles have tiny hooks and imperfections which gather the dead skin while sweeping over the body. The ends of the bristles are slightly frayed, which is why the natural bristles in our dry body brushes don’t scratch the skin. 

How to choose the right body brush for you
Dry body brushes are made of natural materials and vary in bristle firmness for body brushing preferences.

Firm body brushing
Long handled dry body brush made from Tampico: (vegan body brush) use the detachable brush head and canvas hand strap or with the long handle to reach your back and feet. Firm, stiff bristles, provide optimum exfoliation, stimulation and massage for body brushing the skin.  

Medium body brushing
Japanese-style dry body brush with sisal bristles: Ideal for those who prefer light strokes for dry body brushing, as well as first time dry body brushers.
Coco-fibre scrub pad: body brush pad suitable for brushing the feet and elbows.

Soft face brush
Face brush with jute bristle: meant for delicate skin on the face, the bristles are silky soft, gentle enough for a baby. Suitable for working with cleansers and removing face masks.

All our natural body brushes are vegan, use FSC certified timber and are responsibly made. Take a look at these instructional videos on how to go about body brushing >


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