Botanical Blessings

Official Botanical Blessings stockist online here and at selected Biome stores in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Melbourne. Please call the store first to check they hold stock of your desired Botanical Blessings product, as the stores can not stock all items you see online at all times!

Organically home grown botanicals

Botanical Blessings is a unique and divine skin care range of the highest quality, with formulations that optimize fresh botanicals grown organically on the founder's farm in mid north coast NSW. Oshya Busch, who founded Botanical Blessings in 1999, creates each product with infusions of specially selected herbs that strengthen and enhance the skin and hair's natural beauty. Oshya uses the healing benefits of herbs and the power of pure, vital botanicals.  This is a range you will love.

Under each product, please look at the ingredients list to explore the unusual herbs and plants that are used in Botanical Blessings skin care.  Plants such as nettle, comfrey, chamomile, st johns wort, horsetail, chickweed, calendula and marshmallow!

The range available at Biome is also 100% free from palm oil.  With many of the ingredients grown where the products are made, these are low carbon miles products.

Each product is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free and carries the Australian Toxic Free certification giving you optimum botanical nourishment and peace of mind.


Please be aware that due to the size and weight this product attracts a postage surcharge.

Further details are provided on the product listing.