Best water bottles

Best water bottles

What to think about in choosing the best water bottles for you

What will you be using your water bottle to contain? water, juice, milk, smoothies, hot drinks?  The best water bottles for you will depend on the material it is made from.
Do you need the bottle to be leak proof? water bottle will be tossed in your bag, children's school bags
What type of opening do you like drinking from? sports sipper top, narrow round mouth, wide mouth (not good if you will be drinking in a moving vehicle)
Do you normally notice a metallic taste from Stainless steel bottles? Your body chemistry is sensitive to stainless steel.  You would be best with a SIGG lined water bottle or a Lifefactory glass water bottle.
What size? You may drink 1L of water in a day, but do you want to cart around a bottle that size?  1L of water can be pretty heavy.  Will you or your children be able to refill a smaller bottle?
Does the look of the bottle matter to you? We have beautiful, fashion forward designs - particularly from the SIGG bottle range.  The best water bottles for you may be a plain, timeless design or plain stainless steel so the paint can not wear off.
Do you like cold water? You might like to choose an insulated water bottle that looks like a normal water bottle.


Why should I avoid low quality water bottles?

Put simply, liquid can be contaminated by the metal or plastic vessel in which it is stored.  And, if that bottle or container is heated from sitting in the sun in hot car or in the microwave, more toxins (such as BPA) can be released from the plastic or metal.  That is why it is so important to take care with the material that your water bottle is made from and how you clean and care for it.  At Biome we only stock the best water bottles.

What are the best water bottles for your contents?

All bottles are of course safe for water!  And best of all, using a reusable drink bottle for water will save you plenty of dollars.

We recommend filling your drink bottle with filtered water wherever possible as this will help to stop mineral deposits forming in the bottle.


Acidic fruit juices should not be kept in all bottles as the lining may react with the juice.  SIGG, with its taste neutral inert lining, is perfectly safe for fruit juice, as we believe is the best choice for juice.  Stainless steel bottles such as Klean Kanteen are also safe for fruit juice and will not corrode the high grade stainless steel – although you may experience a slight metallic taste.

Also remember to never store fruit juice for any longer than 24 hours, as the contents will ferment, and to keep the bottle as cool as possible.  Wash your drink bottle with warm soapy water each day and leave open to dry out completely.


Stainless steel are the best water bottles for milk, breast milk and formula.  Create a stainless steel sippy with a Klean Kanteen 12oz bottle and Avent sippy cup spout.  Food-grade stainless steel is used in the dairy, brewing, food and winemaking industries and is safe for milk. It’s the material of choice for a drink bottle because it doesn’t retain or impart flavors.  Your child’s Kid Kanteen Sippy is totally safe and flavour-free.

Hot drink

You should not use single-walled Klean Kanteen or SIGG drink bottles for hot beverages because you can burn yourself. Warm beverages can be used at your own personal comfort level.

For hot drinks, the best water bottles are a double-walled vacuum insulated  Klean Kanteen bottle or SIGG Thermo mug.  These insulated bottles will keep food or drink hot and cold for a number of hours.


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