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Water bottles Australia

Water bottles

Australia's best range of top quality, long lasting, leak-proof, BPA free water bottles. Fill up your stylish and safe reusable water bottle at home to save money, reduce water bottle waste and stop toxins leaching from plastic drink bottles. Buy water bottles in Australia that are quality guaranteed by a reputable manufacturer. All our water bottles are BPA free and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), phthalates, BADGE, BFDGE, and NOGE.

How to care for your water bottle?  Please, no freezer or dishwasher.  Allow your water bottle to dry out regularly and store with lid off.  Clean with water and bottle brush like SIGG cleaning brush.

It's easy to save waste with our water bottles to suit everyone!


Stainless steel bottles
Stainless steel

Water filter bottle
Water filter

Glass water bottle
Glass water

BPA free water bottles
Plastic water

SIGG water bottles
SIGG Australia

Klean Kanteen water bottles
Klean Kanteen Australia

Contigo water bottlesContigo water bottle

 camelbak water bottles
Camelbak water bottles

ecoCocoon water bottle
EcoCocoon bottles

Nathan water bottle

Thermos insulated water bottle

glass water bottles

cheeki water bottles

 Water bottle cover
Bottle covers

water bottle size ice cube tray
Ice cubes

 S'Well stainless steel water bottles


New tube ice cube trays!

At last, see our ice cubes that are narrow enough to fit in SIGG, EcoCocoon and other small mouth bottles.

Our top picks for

most popular kids drink bottles   

best glass water bottles

most useful water bottle accessories 

 SIGG 400ml drink bottles Lifefactory glass bottles Water bottle cleaning brush
 Contigo auto seal leak proof bottles Day Tripper glass water bottle Water bottle cleaning tablets
 EcoCocoon 500ml insulated bottles Wherever glass water bottle Straw cleaner - for flip-straw bottles
   Long ice cube tray to fit through bottle necks

best value bottle under $20

leak proof water bottle

best BPA free bottles

 Kids Konserve water bottles SIGG water bottlesCamelbak water bottles
 Nathan stainless steel water bottle Ecococoon water bottle Lifefactory glass water bottles
  Contigo auto seal bottles 

best stainless steel water bottle   

best water bottle for a bike

best water bottles for the gym

 Klean Kanteen water bottle Klean Kanteen 800ml water bottle SIGG 750ml sports top water bottle
 Nathan stainless steel water bottle Daytriper glass water bottles Klean Kanteen 800ml water bottle
 Future insulated water bottle SIGG 750ml sports bottle Thermos flip-straw water bottle

best insulated water bottle

biggest size water bottles  

replacement lids 

 SIGG Metro mug SIGG 1 litre water bottle SIGG replacement water bottle tops
 Thermos insulated water bottle 1182ml Klean Kanteen water bottle Ecococoon water bottle lids
 Ecococoon water bottle 1.5L litre SIGG bottle spare parts for Thermos water bottle


With over 2.6 million views on YouTube already, this fascinating short film "The Story of Stuff" explores the bottled water industry's attacks on tap water and its use of seductive, environmental-themed advertising to cover up the mountains of plastic water bottle waste it produces. The film concludes with a call to take back the tap (by filling up your resuable water bottle) and support investments in clean, available tap water for all. One billion people don't have access to clean water right now, yet governments are spending millions of dollars dealing with all the plastic water bottles we throw out!


Which water bottle do you never leave home without?

How to choose the best water bottle for you?

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