Wrap it Green Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps - set of 3

Eliminate plastic waste from your kitchen with these 100% organic cotton reusable food wraps and covers. Handmade in Australia from a unique combination of organic cotton fabric, certified organic beeswax, natural tree resin straight from the source, and pure jojoba oil.  Set of 3 containing a small, medium and large wrap.

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Eliminate plastic waste from your kitchen with these 100% organic cotton reusable food wraps and covers.

These unique wraps are handmade in Australia from organic cotton fabric, certified organic beeswax, natural tree resin straight from the source and pure jojoba oil. 

The result is a 100% natural reusable alternative to disposable plastic cling wrap. At room temperature they are flexible (slightly sticky) and stiffen when refrigerated whilst still holding shape.

you are making a difference:

  • Choosing a reusable food cover reduces your plastic consumption, saving landfill, contamination & resources.
  • Hemp is a sustainable plant crop that grows rapidly, needs no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and modest quantities of water.
  • Handmade in Australia by an ethical small business.


  • 100% natural & free of toxins.
  • Beeswax scent from the beeswax coating.
  • Set of 3 wraps - 1 x small, 1 x medium, 1 x large.  Dimensions below.
  • Perfect for leftovers, lunches and outdoor eating to keep food fresh.
  • With daily use stains & creases may appear, but do not affect the function of the wrap.  Avoid prolonged exposure to oily or greasy foods to minimise staining.
  • Full care and use instructions included.


  • Small : 20cm x 20cm, Medium : 25cm x 25cm, Large : 30cm x 30cm.

care tips:

  • With due care your wraps should last well over a year.
  • To clean, handwash/rinse in cold water with a natural detergent - avoid alcohol, check your detergent for this ingredient.
  • To store, fold or roll wraps and keep in a dry, cool place.
  • Avoid all heat sources including dishwasher, microwave, hot surfaces & steam.

Made in Australia.

  • Shop by your values Petrochemical free, Made in Australia, Ethically sourced, Toxin free, Plastic free, Zero waste
By Tracy B. on 20 June 2017 :

Title : Dubious but happy customer
Comment : I have found my kids don't like these for school lunches as they detect a taste on their rolls ;-) But very useful for replacing glad wrap on glass containers in the fridge. I have found the large size most useful to date and they wash really well.
(Wrap it Green Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps - set of 3)

By Laura W. on 13 June 2017 :

Title : Versatile!
Comment : These are so handy, they're a perfect replacement to plastic wrap. The different sizes make them so versatile, and they're really easy to clean. Highly recommend!

By Hannah G. on 09 March 2017 :

Title : Great but a little too gummy
Comment : I've bought some of these wraps before from market vendors and found this brand to be a little too sticky and thick, they just didn't have a nice feel to them. That said it is an awesome product and a greatly needed item for replacing clingwrap

By Sarah J. on 29 Nov. 2016 :

Title : Great alternative to Glad Wrap
Comment : Sinc buying these (and my Glasslock containers) I haven't used Glad wrap in over 3 months. They hold their shape once on the food really well. I have tried on avocado, canteloupe & watermelon & all successful. Will be interesting to see if they hold up over time.

By Stephanie H. on 19 Nov. 2016 :

Title : Perfect trial pack
Comment : Loving not having to use plastic with these wraps! Take a little getting used to, but they work great!

By Debbie M. on 16 Nov. 2016 :

Title : Amazing
Comment : I bought two sets of these. So useful and they really work. No more happy wrap. Beeswax n hemp all the way.

By Andrea A. on 05 Nov. 2016 :

Title : Where were you all my life?
Comment : We have never bought cling wrap since we found these babies! Love using them, love how easy it is to clean them and how durable they are. I just hope bees don't become extinct because this product is too good.

By Sarah-Jo L. on 20 Oct. 2016 :

Title : Still learning how to use these properly.
Comment : Great to wrap veggies temporarily but struggling with covering bowls and plates.

By Kate M. on 22 Sept. 2016 :

Title : Absolutely worth the money!
Comment : We purchased these a couple of years back and they have still lasted, even though we use them daily. So much better for the environment and value for money!

By Cindy W. on 17 Sept. 2016 :

Title : Perfect way to reduce plastic waste!
Comment : Fantastic way to reduce your family's contribution to landfill and keep food fresh naturally. The 3 pack is an economical way to purchase the wraps too!

By Claire S. on 27 May 2016 :

Title : Excellent.
Comment : These wraps are lovely, no need to use plastic wrap anymore! They shape very easily once warmed in your hand and hold their shape brilliantly, they don't fall off! Fantastic product.

By Julia R. on 07 March 2016 :

Title : Clingwrap no more!
Comment : With these and reusable containers together, I'm covered for every use of clingwrap I ever had. These large ones are great to cover bowls with leftovers or the cut sides of large fruit or veg. I haven't replaced my last clingwrap roll and it's been months! Easily washed in cold water, no residue on our food or crockery and very versatile.

By Karen K. on 24 Feb. 2016 :

Title : So handy
Comment : I had never seen anything like these reusable food wraps before so I was pretty intrigued by the concept. And they turned out better than I expected. I've now oredered more and I couldn't be happier to never have to buy cling film again.

By Christina S. on 18 Sept. 2015 :

Title : A fantastic alternative to cling film!
Comment : Great covers! The small ones are perfect for cut lemons or avocados and tomato or cucumber ends. These wraps wash really well in cool water and do not leave a residue on food. A fantastic alternative to cling film!

By Samantha P. on 12 June 2015 :

Title : Best food cover
Comment : These food wraps are SO much better than I expected and far and away better than ANY alternative. I purchased them initially to steer away from plastic, thinking that I was compromising. Wrong! These wraps keep food better than plastic bags, better than containers, better than anything else. My "I-don't-care-about-the-evils-of-plastic" friend now also swears by these wraps. A great product for every reason.

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