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Biome store     We believe in the power of simple choices


Where do I start?
What is a "Biome" and how do you pronounce Biome?
How we choose the products you see
Brisbane stores: City, Paddington, Indooroopilly & Balmoral/Bulimba (NOW OPEN) >

How will you make a difference today?™

Our stores are overflowing with learning and products that meet our environmental and ethical criteria (see them below). We bring you a wide range of natural skin care and green cleaning, plus safe, reusable bottles and many more products that help you live a waste free, toxin free and ethical life. We specialise in beautiful Australian hand-made gifts and home accessories, making it easy for you to support Australian small business.

Biome was inspired by those of us who want to make a difference, but may feel the actions we take have little impact. Expressing your values through your purchasing power will make a difference. By supporting the people making our products, you are helping to make their dreams viable and encouraging responsible enterprise.

We believe that the everyday choices of individuals do have the power to transform our world. By living in harmony with our planet and all who share it, we empower ourselves, enrich our lives and enhance wellbeing.

» The things we believe in avoiding.

Our story

Biome is pronounced bye-oh-m (rhymes with 'home').

Biome was founded by Tracey Bailey and is a small family business. After working in corporate communications and starting a family, we made a choice to be part of the solution to our planet's future.

Beginning in 2003 as an online shop, we grew into a physical store in Paddington (Brisbane) in June 2005, then opened our second store in the Brisbane CBD in September 2007.  We now have a store at Indooroopily Shopping Centre and an online warehouse in Milton.  We are a multi-talented team who bring to work every day an ethusiasm to help you with the simple choices that will make a difference.

Where do I start?

It's simple... Living more sustainably starts with just a few earth-conscious choices each day.

You will be surprised how you gain confidence and the snowball builds momentum.The Biome team has done the research for you to ensure that the choices we offer live up to the eco claims they make.  We require full disclosure of ingredients for all products. Here are some easy actions to incorporate into your daily routine:

  • We recommend a gradual change like replacing your conventional skin care or cleaning products with a natural alternative each time one runs out.
  • Focus on reducing the amount that you send to land-fill - this will guide you in so many facets of your daily life (start composting, choose food with the least packaging, use your recycling bin, and consume less in the first place)
  • Use eco gift occasions as a way to show your meaning for the person and planet
  • Think about how many products you use that contain and look for resuable and safe ways to reduce your reliance on plastic.

Tracey Bailey, Founder of Biome Eco Stores   ABN: 61106871434 Biome Living Pty Ltd

There are many ways you can connect with our community to help you achieve this:

Visit our beautiful, inspiring stores in Paddington, Brisbane CBD & Indooroopilly 
Read more about Biome in the media
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What is a biome?

A "biome" is an inter-connected ecological community of plants and animals that exists in harmony within a geographical and climatic zone. Our planet is a wonderous patchwork of biomes, like the desert, the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest. In fact, the planet itself is one large biome.  We draw on this inspiration with our business, learning to exist in harmony with all who share our planet.

One of the experiences that led Tracey to act on her dream was an encounter with orangutans deep in the Kalimantan jungle. In this excerpt from What can I do? by Lisa Harrow, Tracey says "When you look into an orangutan's eyes, it is so close to a human looking back - you can see their emotions, their vulnerability. This magnificent animal is master of its habitat but defenceless against the destruction humans are wrecking. They really are symbolic of the animals and people suffering all over our planet because we are messing with the natural order."

How we choose the products you see?

Your trust in our judgement is vital to the service we provide, so every product is carefully assessed against these criteria.

  • grown & manufactured in a sustainable way (sun-grown, renewable, organic)
  • contains no petrochemicals, harmful ingredients or non-renewable resources
  • recycled or assists recycling
  • non-toxic and biodegradable (biodegradable alone is not sufficient)
  • saves resources or reduces consumption
  • traded fairly and with respect for the producers
  • produced without exploitation or harm to people and animals
  • longer lasting than the alternative, thus saving resources & pollution
  • designed to be recycled or responsibly disposed of at the end of its life
  • inspires love for the environment

Organic :: if an organic claim is made, we require proof of certification.

Local :: we chose products made in Australia wherever possible. Sometimes we choose products made overseas - while local products save resources in transportation and support local business, some products are simply not available in Australia.  We hope that bringing these products to the Australian market will encourage such innovation here.

We’d love to hear from you if you know a product that would fit in the biome range.

Online shopping

Shopping 24-hours a day, time efficient, in comfort at home, purchases delivered to your door, with freight costs that are often less than the cost of public transport or parking.

Online shopping is also very popular for gifts—especially if you need to post the gift as we can send it directly to the person for you (gift-wrapped and with your personal message). If you are an expat overseas, we offer a great solution for sending gifts to your friends and family in Australia at local postage.

Biome Living Pty Ltd, ABN 61106871434

Company Directors: Tracey Bailey, Robin Bailey




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