If You Care sponge cloths (5)

If You Care 100% natural sponge cloths are a blend of cellulose, non-GMO unbleached cotton and mirabilite natural mineral salt.  Highly absorbent, effective, reusable and machine washable up to 300 times. Pack of 5 sponge cloths.

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If You Care design environmentally friendly home essentials that are free from chlorine, bleaches and paraffin waxes.

If You Care 100% natural sponge cloths are a blend of cellulose, non-GMO unbleached cotton and mirabilite natural mineral salt. They are streak, tear and abrasion free making them perfect for general household cleaning and mopping up spills and excess moisture. 

you are making a difference:

  • Each sponge is reusable and rewashable up to 300 times replacing up to 15 rolls of paper towel.
  • Sponges and packaging contain no petroleum or fossil fuels and made from 100% renewable resources.
  • Compostable packaging made from plants.


  • Streak free cleaning
  • Tear and abrasion resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Absorbs liquids easily and quickly and releases them with simple wringing
  • Perfect for cleaning kitchens, countertops, bathrooms and more
  • Machine washable up to 300 times


  • Each cloth measures 20cm x 17cm

Made in Germany

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  • Shop by your values Petrochemical free, Ethically sourced, Toxin free, Plastic free
By Melissa O. on 30 July 2017 :

Title : Effective and natural product
Comment : Like these dishcloths, absorbent, work well. Not sure they will last the length of time the packaging says, but worth it for being more eco friendly. Like that I can compost when finished with.
(If You Care sponge cloths (5))

By Christine B. on 29 July 2017 :

Title : Amazing
Comment : Look and feel like other dishcloths. Love that they are a natural product. Best is that they last longer too!!

By Sharon C. on 28 Oct. 2016 :

Title : Great quality
Comment : Great quality cleaning product

By Sarah-Jo L. on 20 Oct. 2016 :

Title : Great durable cloths and eco friendly!
Comment : These cloths last as long as 'plastic' cloths and are eco friendly so I can clean while reducing my plastic footprint.

By Alison R. on 10 Oct. 2016 :

Title : Excellent!
Comment : Look and feel like other dishcloths, but are made from planet-saving sources.

By Nichole B. on 12 Aug. 2016 :

Title : These are AMAZING
Comment : I absolutely love these cloths... After cleaning the benches or any spills/mess, they rinse really easily, and when you wring them out they don't have that ick feeling that normal wash cloths get. I chuck mine in the wash with other tea towels and things regularly and they've held up very well. They're the perfect mix between cloth and paper towel :)

By Shani M. on 20 July 2016 :

Title : Great sponge cloths
Comment : These are great. And so easy just to throw in the washing machine. Easily recommend.

By Donovan S. on 04 July 2016 :

Title : Great Sponges
Comment : So happy with these....just threw one in the wash as it was looking a bit sad. They are sure absorbent and being here on Biome must be better than other brands on offer in the supermarkets. Just reordered. Thanks

By Clare C. on 06 June 2016 :

Title : Very impressed!
Comment : look and behave like the usual sponges, but all natural! Really good for cleaning up spills

By Sophia F. on 15 Feb. 2016 :

Title : Better than any other kitchen cloth!
Comment : I really like this product. I will be repurchasing when I eventually need more (may be never). So absorbent. Really durable. Dosn't get mouldy as easily as sponges. Washes well. Nice and thick. Soft on hands.

By Wendy P. on 13 Jan. 2016 :

Title : Ticks all the boxes
Comment : These look and feel like a normal sponge but are natural materials. Win win.

By Sylvia W. on 27 Oct. 2014 :

Title : Surprisingly durable
Comment : I was pleasantly surprised by these cloths. Very durable and a breeze to clean with. Once they start to fall apart I just put them in the compost :)

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