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All out of stock Planetbox will be back in stock around 8 December.  We will shortly be opening up advance orders. 

If you wish to know as soon as they are available, please pop your email address into the alert email box that you will find under the details of each product.  Thank you.

PlanetBox ultra cool lunchboxes for everyone

PlanetBox stainless steel lunch box is the easy and eco way to pack a healthy lunch!

A PlanetBox lunch box guides you in packing a well-balanced, litterless lunch quickly and easily.  The segmented, bento style, food safe stainless steel PlanetBox serves as a guide for packing a healthy lunch and keeps food separate.  PlanetBox will help you replace single-use plastic and paper and save money by buying food in bulk. 

Which PlanetBox best suits your needs?  Each of our complete lunch box sets includes: stainless steel lunch box, set of fun magnets, insulated carry bag with extra pockets, and one or two dippers (containers with lids).

Shuttle: 3 compartments & 1 St Steel container.  Holds about 3 cups of food. Measures 19 cm x 12.5 cm x 5 cm.

Rover: 5 compartments & 2 St Steel containers. Holds about 4.5 cups of food. Measures 25 cm x 19 cm x 3.75 cm.

Launch: 3 large compartments & 1 St Steel & 1 glass container.  Holds nearly 6.5 cups of food.  Measures 26 cm x 19.7 cm x 5 cm

Replacement parts: longevity is an important eco princple, hence we do have replacement parts such as seals and magnets available to those who have purchased Planetbox from us.  Please contact us to inquire.

For some great advice on how to care for your Planetbox please see our Planetbox FAQ.

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