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Reusable straws

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Reusable straws are proving to be the perfect alternative to single use plastic straws, but have you thought about why you should swap to a reusable straw when you reach for your favourite beverage? Would you believe that enough plastic straws are produced annually to fill over 46 thousand full sized buses! Each time you use a reusable straw it means one less plastic straw ends up in landfill or in our precious oceans. Reusable straws are also taste-neutral and perfect for smooties, juices, green drinks or if you have trouble eating solid food.  We stock a wide range of glass straws, silicone straws and stainless steel drinking straws.  

Please see our guide to help you choose the best drinking straw for your needs.

Reusable straw guide:

"I want to replace a regular drinking straw to drink my tasty beverage."  The simple elegance regular 9.5mm x 8" glass straw is for you!

"I want a smoothie straw or I drink a lot of pulpy juices, thick shakes, shaved ice or green drinks."
Then try the simple elegance wide 12mm x 8" glass straw

"I need a reusable straw that is easy to use in bed or for someone that can't reach the glass easily and/or can't roll off a table."  Try the beautiful bends regular glass straw 9.5mm x 9".

The simple elegance and beautiful bends glass straws are also available in packs of 4 below.

The stainless steel straws have an 8mm diameter tube.

Silicone straws are soft on the mouth and teeth and are perfect for smaill children or anyone sick in bed who needs help to take a drink.

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