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Zero Waste

When you consider the energy and resources that go into making a takeaway container – let alone the impact of non-recyclables on the environment (either landfill or our oceans) – it’s a reminder of the eco inconvenience of plastic disposables.

Single use paper options may appear charmingly biodegradable but just because a coffee cup is made from paper, you may not know that it’s plastic lining makes it unable to degrade or be recycled and they still require trees for the paper and energy to create it.

Zero Waste Post-Haste
Pack your own

Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.What can I do?

tickbox  Think about the plastic cutlery, straws and napkins that you get served, do you really need this stuff ?
tickbox  If you're going to be eating it now, you don't need the bag. 
tickbox  Be prepared, take your own reusables, food containers, spork, straw, coffee cup, drink bottle and bag. 
tickbox  Don’t forget to BYO “doggie bag”, take your own containers for leftovers when you eat in.
tickbox  Reconsider your habits, it's easy to fall into a routine, just choose to create a new one. 
tickbox  It may be challenging at first, but it will save you time, money, your health and our world. 
tickbox  Become an eco-hero and you'll inspire others around you to follow suit.

For more info on how to be prepared check out our takeaway food without waste blog post.



reusable straws reusable cups reusable cutlery reusable lunch boxes drink bottles


Be prepared think ahead

1. Prepare yourself with some reusable takeaway containers

Gather some reusable containers in rough takeaway sizes and try to keep them for this purpose so you don’t get caught without. Have a few in your car or one in your bag for those last minute, too-tired-to-cook days. We like the stainless steel food containers from U Konserve and Lunchbots bento boxes – or check out our lunch box options for more ideas. You might like to pop them in a reusable bag or keep a Loqi shopping bag inside one container for easy carrying home. We also have insulated lunch bag options perfect for keeping your food hot or cold longer.

Then, next time you feel like ordering your favourite takeaway, instead of phoning ahead, grab a book (for while you are waiting) and your reusable containers. When placing your order, ask if they would be able to use your containers and hand them over. Remember, although you may throw their system out of whack briefly until they get used to this request, you are helping them to reduce their costs! And, you never know, they may already have other customers who are already reusing containers.

2. Consider keeping some of the following takeaway essentials in your bag and car

tickbox  A reusable glass straw (remember whenever ordering a drink, always ask for it without a straw).

tickbox  A reusable water bottle (saves the environment, money and calories when you fill it with water).

tickbox  A reusable cup, large sizes can be used for both coffee or smoothies. Our stainless steel cups are great for kids.

tickbox  Reusable cutlery (a knife, fork and chopsticks kept in a pouch, or a handy, multi use spork is perfect).

tickbox  See our reusable and safe section for more products to help reduce your reliance on single use disposables.

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