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There is no need to spend money on buying a drink when you are out if you can just remember to take a drink bottle with you!  And now, filter your water as you go with a water filter bottle. Biome offers Australia's top water filtering brands, including the latest water filter bottles and filter cartridges, UV steriPens and ceramic water purifiers. All our drink bottles show no presence of lead, phthalates, Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), Bisphenol A (BPA), Bysphenol B (BPB).

Which water filter bottle is best for you?

  • The Oko filtered water bottle level 2 filter reduces up to 99.99% of contaminants while leaving in beneficial trace minerals; magnesium, calcium and potassium. Even filters dirty water. Great for travellers or anyone wanting to drink healthy water. Visit our OKO water filter safety chart by county & region page for where it will work best.

  • To remove viruses and diseases, especially when travelling to developing countries, you will need the Fill2Pure Advanced filter cartridge with the Fill2Pure Fast Flow Sports Bottle.

  • The Eau Good Binchotan active charcoal stick filter reduces chlorine, mineralises the water and balances the pH. This filter does not remove viruses or diseases, so should not be relied upon when travelling in developing countries.
  • The Camelbak Groove water filter will filter chlorine, odours and improve taste. This filter does not remove viruses or diseases, so should not be relied upon when travelling in developing countries.
  • The Little Penguin water filter bottle delivers fresh filtered alkalised water anywhere you are. Enjoy purified water on the go that is free from chlorine, contaminants, bacteria and reduced fluoride. 
  • The SteriPen is a powerful germicidal UV (ultraviolet) light that destroys waterborne bateria, viruses, and protozoa (giardia & crysptosporidium) that could make you sick. If you will be travelling, camping, backpacking or hiking without access to safe drinking water, Adventurer Opti or SteriPen Freedom solar are the products for you.
  • The Fill2Pure water safety straw is compact and easy to use as a sure way of safeguarding the water you drink anywhere you go.  It's suitable for rivers, lakes, streams and untreated fresh water sources in any country worldwide reducing up to 99.99% of all contaminants instantly while leaving in beneficial trace minerals.


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