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Safe, waste free, "nude food" Goodbyn bento lunch boxes for kids and adults. The safest, healthy choice is a lunch box, insulated lunch bag or bento box that is PVC-free, and is made from lead-free and BPA-free plastic.  Goodbyn is made from sturdy and slightly flexible plastic which we find makes it more long lasting than competing lunch boxes.

Check out the two sizes of bentos plus a range of containers and accessories.
Hero - the larger size with three compartments, one lid and two leak proof dippers
Bynto - three compartments and one lid. 

NEW :: Portions on the Go  Has been popular with those wanting a combination of containers for their lunch bags. All of the three small containers with lids fit inside the largest square container.  You can nest one or more inside the large one (say for a dressing or dip for your salad), or pack them all separately.

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