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You'll find only the safest and best performing natural skin care ranges at Biome. We've always set the highest standards, turning away many brands that others offer.  We research the ingredients and question the producer so that you can be confident we have elimated all toxins and ticked off the values important to you - vegan, Australian made, certified organic, certified cruelty free, or palm oil free. There's no greenwashing at Biome. We insist from our natural skin care brands:

  • only plants, not a skerrick of petrochemicals, free from all toxins, synthetic preservatives, and synthetic fragrances
  • full ingredient disclosure
  • verification of any claims such as organic and cruelty free

We've been commited to vegan and palm oil free since the beginning.  Respect for all creatures that share our planet is at our core. Under the image of each product we specify if they are palm oil free and vegan. We believe that the simple, pure ingredients from nature bring wellbeing, radiant skin, and the solution for sensitivities, eczema and dry skin.

is your favourite product missing from Sanctum or LaMav? As a true ethical and cruelty free store, we can not support the palm industry due to the habitat destruction and cruelty to orangutans and wildlife. Palm oil is a hidden ingredient in nearly all natural body care, but we are taking on the almost impossible challenge to show that palm oil free can be done! Check out our palm oil free brands Mokosh and Evohe Read what Biome is doing about palm oil


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